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Where to Go


Gaza has been portrayed in the media as a place of death, night raids and misery. The innocent civilians became numbers we add up. They bombard us with horrible photos until the sight of blood and dead innocents is not viewed anymore as the disaster beyond any reason it’s supposed to be.

But the most vivid memories of Gaza remains its beautiful sandy beach, its great people and outstanding history.
In Gaza there is a lot of beauty.

YES, BEAUTY! That’s what This Week in Palestine wants to tell and remember about this part of Palestine.


Photo by: Mohammad Zarandah. 
Photo by: Jihad Shurafi. 
Photo by: Garo Nalbandian. 
Photo by: Mohammad Zarandah. 
Photo by: George Azar. 
Twenty-nine years later, the potential of Turbo Computers & Software Co. Ltd. ̶ publisher of This Week in Palestine ̶ still looks bright. We have been accused of (at times even ridiculed for) being the eternal optimists of Palestine. I hope the following would show that our optimism was in place all along!

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