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Where to Go



By Bassam Almohor

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the socket that powers up our smartphones, turns on our lights, heaters, refrigerators, computers, or electronic appliances and operates our machinery – and soon our transportation vehicles?

Well, wonder no more!

A small old house with old vault ceilings in the heart of the old town of Birzeit hosts Science House, a project of Al Nayzak organization. Here, a grand science exhibition opens this month. What’s Behind the Socket is a giant installation exhibition conceived in France and imported by Science House. At the entrance, you will find a ginormous bulb and a socket where you can see what’s really behind the socket. In the other rooms, several towers feature on four sides large educational models that provide information on how electricity works, what magic powers it up, why we need it, how it circulates, and why it is so deadly.

The exhibition alllows visitors to gain an understanding of the technical aspects of technology and electric equipment, explaining how devices such as the battery, the light bulb, the electric motor, and the generator work. A giant battery is displayed with its components revealed. Exhibits explain what luminosity is and whether the intensity of electricity matters when we wish to have a more shining light bulb.

You can learn that an electric current passing through several coils arranged in succession generates a magnetic field that makes the coils rotate. This is the principle behind the motor. But when a coil rotates between magnets, it produces electricity, and the device is called a generator.

Take our household appliances: Have you ever counted how many devices rely on electricity in your home? Turn off the current and find out. This exhibition answers questions such as, “Where does the electricity that powers our household appliances come from? What are the consequences of playing with electricity? What is a power plant? How does our body conduct electricity?” One of the giant towers lets you experience how it feels to conduct electricity with your body. But don’t panic, only a faint current passes through you that powers only a small bulb. But have you ever experienced an electric shock? If not, experience that feeling at the exhibition. It resembles what you feel when you touch the car door or another electrical applicance that carries a current and something stings you in your finger!!

What’s Behind the Socket is an exhibition not only for kids aged 6-12 years. It is for everyone. We adults learned these facts so long ago, we most likely almost forgot what electricity is. Take a stroll with your kids or grandkids and enjoy the pleasure of learning about this interesting and intriguing subject whithout which life as we know it can no longer be maintained.

What’s Behind the Socket is open Sundays through Thursdays from 8 to 4.30 until 2023. To make a reservation and visit, please contact Science House by phone at 02-281 9040 or per email at sciencehouse@alnayzak.org. For more information, visit its website at http://www.sciencehouse.ps/ or Facebook page @alnayzak.organization.

Bassam Almohor can be reached at almohor@gmail.com,
+972-52-458-4273, or on Facebook @toursmore.

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