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Tomorrow Will Be Good

It’s been a long, hot, and eventful day. Night has fallen, and short of the sound of the fan, all seems quiet and serene. It’s at times like this that you reflect upon the million things whirling in your head, around you, and beyond. It is during nights like this that you wonder where you’re going; in fact, you even wonder where the world is going. In the midst of such deceptive tranquility, your thoughts wander and feelings overtake you. As I write this column, I am full of emotions. Mainly good emotions of optimism; content with what I do, happy that my Australian brother and his family are in town and I’m spending time with them, and certainly grateful that my family is healthy. At the same time, and even paradoxically, I am also full of worry, concern, and fear – preoccupied not only by my personal situation but also by our collective reality.

In a few days, This Week in Palestine will receive a prestigious award from a nonprofit organization called Rebuilding Alliance, which is based in Redwood City, California. Donna Baranski-Walker, the founder, wrote that “Rebuilding Alliance is dedicated to advancing equal rights for the Palestinian people through education, advocacy, and support that assures Palestinian families the right to a home, schooling, economic security, safety, and a promising future.” Donna added that This Week in Palestine has been chosen to receive the Storytelling Award, “in recognition of its work to promote and document Palestinian issues.” The team of This Week in Palestine is grateful for this acknowledgment, particularly since the magazine does indeed strive to tell the Palestinian story, in a Palestinian context, and through a Palestinian narrative.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I believe that despite the contentious and explosive world situation today, the dust will settle at some point, and humans will continue to build, progress, fight, and dance, too! It will not be the world we lived in pre-February 2022, but it’ll still be called Earth. And the gnawing question of Palestine will still plague the conscience of the world till a just solution is reached. In the meantime, the story of Palestine needs to be told. After we wrapped up the September issue of TWiP, someone said, “Thanks for your hard work.” I replied that whether good or bad, at some point, it becomes a lifestyle, not a job.

On a lighter note, after a long meeting this morning, I called Taisir, our art director and comrade-in-arms, and told him that I want the following epitaph to be placed on my tombstone: “Tomorrow will be good; today is khara!” He laughed, and said “Sani, you’ve been saying that for a year.”

Good night.

Thank you for your support, and long live Palestine!

By Sani Meo

  • Sani Meo is co-founder of the English-language print and online magazine This Week in Palestine and has been its publisher since TWiP’s inception in December 1998. Since January 2007, he has also been the publisher of the Arabic online magazine Filistin Ashabab, which targets Palestinian youth.

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