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The Palestinian Museum in 2021

The Palestinian Museum continues to carry out its vision and mission of fostering a vibrant Palestinian  Culture. The museum strives to produce and disseminate emancipatory learning experiences about Palestine, its people, and its history by organizing innovative programs in Palestine and around the world.

The past year was a difficult one, but we succeeded in meeting its challenges.

The global pandemic has imposed constraints on cultural work, and the Palestinian Museum, like others worldwide, had to close its doors to the public for several months. Nevertheless, the challenge spurred the museum to face the crisis with inspiration and creativity.

The Palestinian Museum has cemented its role as a transnational institution that uses its digital platforms to reach and engage with a worldwide audience. With digital projects such as Palestinian Journeys and the Palestinian Museum Digital Archive, in addition to the digital educational, recreational, knowledge-based, and public programs that accompany its exhibitions, the museum has garnered and engaged new and diverse audiences.

The museum is on track to further expand its outreach in 2021 as it prepares to launch its upcoming  xhibition that explores the Palestinian coast from the eighteenth century to the present day. The museum will also double its efforts in the new year to engage yet more artists, academics, and cultural actors in its projects and activities. It will also continue to focus on fostering research and on the creation of innovative in-person and digital learning experiences for students and educators.

Join us in 2021 on an exciting new journey of knowledge and discovery!


Colour and Words Reveal the World, an interactive family space to
accompany Printed in Jerusalem: Mustamloun, produced as part of the
Palestinian Museum Education Programme. Photo by Hareth Yousef.

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