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The Palestinian Business Network

Courtesy of the Palestinian Business Network

In today’s globalized world, it is increasingly common for people to leave their home countries to seek new opportunities abroad. But for many, leaving home also means leaving behind a sense of community and support. That’s where the Palestinian Business Network (PBN) comes in.Founded in Sweden in 2016, PBN is a grassroots initiative that aims to bring Palestinians together to support one another’s personal and professional growth. The organization is all about networking, with members meeting regularly to share their experiences and knowledge and help each other reach new heights in their careers, businesses, or studies. The goal is to build a global network of Palestinians who can support each other in the same way as other international networks such as Business Network International.But PBN’s impact goes far beyond just networking. The organization is also working to create economic opportunities for Palestinians around the world and help connect them with global markets. One of its initiatives is Enjoy Palestine, a marketplace for Palestinian-produced products that is similar to Amazon. The project also includes a digital travel agency that aims to promote Palestine as a destination. All products sold through the marketplace are shipped directly to the customer, whether individual consumers or retailers buying in bulk.“We can provide that channel and give the right market access with local knowledge,” asserts Pierre Aleani, one of the founders of PBN. “The Palestinian economy is in need of a link to the global markets, whether it is for exporting agricultural goods or for remote services.”Creating economic opportunities is important, but for PBN, it is also about building a strong and supportive community for Palestinians around the world. “Our work is crucial for all Palestinians around the world, because it helps to create a sense of unity and purpose,” says Pierre. “We are building a bridge between the diaspora and Palestine.”

One way PBN does this is by organizing business delegations to various parts of the world. In a recent gathering in Dubai, participants were able to explore business opportunities between Europe and the Middle East and connect with one another. The response was overwhelming, with participants making real leads and partnerships. “It was the perfect place to bring people together,” says Pierre.

Looking to the future, PBN has ambitious goals. By 2025, the organization aims to have physical offices in every capital in the European Union, staffed by business ambassadors and talented university students who will support Palestinians in their local communities. The goal is to create a platform for success stories and role models that can inspire future generations of Palestinians and build a strong diaspora community in the process.

For the members of PBN, the organization is more than just a networking opportunity or a business venture. It is a way to create meaningful connections, build supportive communities, and make a real impact on the world. And as the global Palestinian diaspora continues to grow, initiatives like PBN will be essential in helping Palestinians thrive in their adopted countries while maintaining a strong connection to their homeland.

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