The last Word


By Sani P. Meo

As long as social and political justice are absent, there will always be a struggle to achieve them. Whether it is Ferguson, Gaza, or Myanmar, it is essentially the same story with a variant measure of intensity. The struggle for justice is not only a natural human reflex, it is also a right guaranteed by international law.

Targeting civilians and public infrastructure in Gaza is nothing less than a crime against humanity. Targeting children playing on the beach and on swings on the first day of a feast is beyond that; it’s evil.

As we have been witnessing in Syria and Iraq, unjust conditions can lead to fanaticism; an evil monster that should be wiped out. However, it remains a symptom. The real culprits are those who caused it to flourish by denying justice to others.

Current conditions will not change until just prevails.

  • Sani Meo is co-owner and general manager of Turbo Design (1985), publisher of This Week in Palestine and Filistin Ashabab magazines. He's an incorrigible optimist, a staunch advocate for Palestinian justice, and a firm believer in the private sector. Socially and politically, Meo is liberal and secular. He lives in Jerusalem, married to Maha Khoury and father of Dina and Maya.

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