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It’s Time to Fly

I hope this column will not seem overly pretentious, but I feel that at times, it is important to shed light on one’s success, mainly to demonstrate solidity and to further encourage client confidence. In a nutshell, 2019 has been a good year for This Week in Palestine. With this current January issue, we commence our twenty-second year on the
journey, and with humility and pride, I add, without having missed a single issue. In fact, we’re now putting out special issues in addition to the regular monthly ones. The record number of full and partial sponsorships we received this year can only be interpreted as a sign of the sponsors’ confidence in the magazine and its website. During 2019, our sponsors have included Paltel Group, the Representative Office of Norway, UNESCO, UN Women, East Jerusalem Hospitals Network, the Higher Council for Youth and Sports, UNDP, Rawabi Municipality, the European Union, PADICO Holding, Ambassador Collection, UNICEF, the Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine, Piacenti Spa, and last but certainly not least, Bank of Palestine. We have also been acknowledged by Paltrade for our role in promoting Palestine. The award was given by our prime minister himself in the presence of the minister of tourism and the minister of national economy, in addition to other dignitaries. As importantly, This Week in Palestine has matured as a national communication platform that engages in topics pertinent to Palestine while maintaining its two-decade self-imposed mandate to promote and document Palestine. Each and every one of our 260+ issues has gone through a rigorous process of data collection, content and language editing that includes getting author approval at every stage, and layout before being sent to the printer. Our authors can probably vouch for our editor’s thoroughness in clarifying every single detail in their articles. The following comment we received from one of our readers might be an exaggeration, but it’s worth sharing: “This Week in Palestine has become the most popular and most credible communication tool in Palestine.” It is important to add that this wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of every single person, past and present, who has been part of the TWiP team. Palestine has been our base and will always be so. However, I truly believe that there are many people around the world who are interested in remaining connected with Palestine and learning more about it. The time has come for This Week in Palestine to spread its wings and fly! As I posted on Facebook after receiving our most recent award: “It’s all about teamwork.”
Long live Palestine.

Por Sani Meo

  • Sani Meo is co-founder of the English-language print and online magazine This Week in Palestine and has been its publisher since TWiP’s inception in December 1998. Since January 2007, he has also been the publisher of the Arabic online magazine Filistin Ashabab, which targets Palestinian youth.

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