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The Jerusalem Human Rights Consortium

Courtesy of The Jerusalem Human Rights Consortium (JHRC)

The Jerusalem Human Rights Consortium (JHRC) is a local and independent collective of four leading Palestinian human rights and legal aid organizations native to Jerusalem. With over 40 years of experience, its member organizations have been on the front line defending human rights and supporting Jerusalem’s Palestinian communities.Israeli authorities are making great efforts to erase Palestinians from Jerusalem, utilizing demographic engineering and other mechanisms. JHRC strives to prevent the destruction of Palestinian Jerusalem and help maintain a Palestinian presence there. To achieve this, JHRC works to increase the resilience of the Palestinian communities of East Jerusalem, amplify their voices, reinforce their path to attaining their rights, and promote their views and aspirations.

The Jerusalem Human Rights Consortium comprises four organizations:
– The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Centre (JLAC)
– The Land Research Centre (LRC)
– The Society of Saint Yves
– The Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC)

Since its establishment in 2019, JHRC has actively challenged Israeli laws that negatively impact the Palestinian identity of East Jerusalem. To support these efforts, the European Union (EU) has provided JHRC with a three-year grant to finance its first program cycle that aims to protect marginalized communities in East Jerusalem through legal aid, planning, and advocacy.

The work of JHRC is built on three key components that reflect its commitment to protect the most vulnerable: pro bono legal aid, counseling, and representation; local and international advocacy that targets EU institutions and member states; and capacity-building measures.

JHRC’s member organizations are the largest providers of pro bono legal assistance to Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Since its inception, JHRC, through its member organizations, has provided legal services to approximately 1,300 Palestinian Jerusalemites annually, including 90 Palestinian Jerusalemite women who have suffered from gender-based violence. It has conducted one-off legal consultations for hundreds of Palestinian Jerusalemites and followed up with and taken on a total of 125 house demolition cases, 370 residency cases, and 525 social and economic rights cases.

Contact JHRC via telephone: +970 (0) 594 25 65 75;
email: jhrc@jlac.ps; or Twitter and Instagram: @jerusalemhrc.

The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center

The team of the Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center.

 The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center (JLAC) is one of the pioneering human rights organizations in Palestine. JLAC was established in 1974 by the American Friends Service Committee and officially became a Palestinian nongovernmental and nonprofit organization in 1997. Today, JLAC stands to defend victims of human rights offenses, regardless of who the violator is or what facet of living a dignified life is being violated. In this regard, JLAC provides pro bono legal aid and undertakes awareness-raising and advocacy efforts in tackling violations that are committed by the Israeli government (aiming to secure the social and economic rights of Jerusalemites); by the Israeli occupying forces, represented by the Israeli Civil Administration (supporting Palestinians who reside in Area C so that they can remain in their homes and on their lands); and by the Palestinian Authority (defending those who have been detained or discriminated against due to their political affiliation or who are victims of other violations of public rights).JLAC can be contacted via its website: www.jlac.ps; telephone: +970 (0) 2 298 7981; Instagram: @jlac.ps; Twitter: @AdvocacyJlac; and Facebook at Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center.

The Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling

The team of the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling, WCLAC

The Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC) is an independent Palestinian, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established in Jerusalem in 1991 that seeks to develop a democratic Palestinian society based on the principles of gender equality and social justice. By forging a feminist vision based on equality and social justice, WCLAC plays a prominent role in addressing gender-based violence in Palestinian society in both the public and private spheres. WCLAC addresses the causes and consequences of gender-based violence within the Palestinian community and also aims to alleviate the gender-specific effects of the increasing militarization that is associated with the Israeli occupation. As a leading defender of women’s rights in Palestine, WCLAC is proud of its uncompromising commitment to provide legal aid, social counseling, and protection services to women in an environment where human rights abuses are rampant and women’s issues are regularly overlooked.WCLAC can be contacted via its website: www.wclac.org; telephone: +970 (0) 2 295 6146; Twitter: @WclacPalestine; Instagram: @wclac.palestine; and Facebook at Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling (WCLAC).

St. Yves

Chairman of St. Yves’ board Raffoul Rofa updating his Beatitude Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, on the current situation during an event around Christmas 2022.


The Society of St. Yves is a Catholic human rights organization that works under the patronage of the Latin Patriarchate in Jerusalem. It was founded in 1991 by Michel Sabbah, the former Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, to help “the poor and the oppressed” according to the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. St. Yves provides gratis legal assistance, counsel, and advocacy to community members. Through national and international lobbying and advocacy, St. Yves is able to bring the situation of the poor and marginalized to the attention of communities around the world.

St. Yves can be contacted via its website: www.saintyves.org;
telephone: +972 (0) 2 626 4662; Twitter: @SocietyOfStYves;
and Facebook at Society of St. Yves.

The Land Research Centre


The Team of the Land Research Center.

The Land Research Centre (LRC) was founded in 1986 by the late Faisal Husseini as part of the Arab Studies Society in Jerusalem. The center is an independent, nongovernmental, nonprofit Palestinian organization whose activities cover the West Bank, including Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. It is licensed by the Palestinian National Authority under BL-322-p. LRC seeks to document Israeli violations of land and housing rights and destructive acts directed at agriculture and the environment in Palestine. It furthermore seeks to develop the land as well as the capacities of those who are affected by such violations, engaging in line with the political, economic, and social context of Palestinian society. LRC’s vision is to achieve a decent life for the Palestinians on their land and in their sovereign, democratic state, and it seeks to empower Palestinians so that they can access and use their natural resources in a fair and sustainable manner.

LRC can be contacted via its website: www.lrcj.org; telephone: +970 (0) 2 221 7239; and Facebook at Land Research Center – LRC.

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