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TWiP has exceeded every expectation. It sustains when most projects are merely fly-by-night. It maintains high quality when most shiny startups lose their shine before their first birthday. It remainsfocused in an environment that is daily dragged every which way. It puts Palestine and Palestinians on a pedestal as no public agency or sector association can. Maybe, just maybe, it is time that TWiP be institutionally embraced by those who benefit from it the most.

Sam Bahour
Al-Bireh, Palestine

One of the publications I always look forward to reading is This Week in Palestine. During the past 23 years of its publication, it has continued to be enriching, informative, and great fun to read. Superbly edited and beautifully designed, it offers a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy reality. The range of topics it has covered over the years is dazzling. It has invited the best experts as contributors in every field it tackles. I know and have heard from friends all over the world how highly they regard this small publication which offers them a bright and informative window into what is happening in Palestine. It also makes them realize that life, culture, and business continue to flourish in Palestine. And where there is life, there is hope. In its range, high standards, and creativity, there is no publication that I know of in

Palestine which matches This Week in Palestine.

Best wishes,

Raja Shehadeh
Ramallah, Palestine

It is an honor to be part of this outstanding group [the TWiP advisory board] who work relentlessly to put Palestine where it deserves. I am convinced that TWiP remains one of the essential mediums to properly brand Palestine.

Dr. Dalal Saeb Iriqat
Jericho, Palestine.

 كنت في مقابلة مؤخرا مع طلبة اقسام صحافة دولين، سألوني أين الإعام

دائما ممزة وهادفة. This Week in Palestine: الفلسطيني الموجه للعالم؟ قلت

من يحرم المعلومة، يستطيع بناء منهج اعلامي مؤثر.

I was recently in an interview with international journalism students. They asked: “Where is the Palestinian media that is directed towards the world?” I replied, “This Week in Palestine, always special and purposeful. Whoever respects information can build an effective media platform.”

Jameel Dababat
Toubas, Palestine

I am so grateful for your excellent labors, gathering information about things that matter – education,

daily life, support for community, arts, culture, history, [and] legacy. You give a sense of wholeness

and positivism about Palestinians and Palestinian life, and to me, your THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE is crucial, precious, profoundly important, and heroic.

With gratitude to you,

Naomi Shihab Nye,

I just read your hot-off-the-press issue of TWiP, and I am blown away by how beautiful all these photographs of Jerusalem and Palestine are! Don’t we say, “A photo is worth a thousand words?” Well, I think this issue speaks loud and clear about our Palestinian presence in Jerusalem. We can be proud of

ourselves. Congratulations, Sani! You and your team did a marvelous job! Thank you for your dedication month after month in printing such an important publication.

Mona Hajjar Halaby



Thank you and your staff for your dedication. Palestine will always be in my heart. I will share your post.

Mounir Zacharia
California, USA

 Yes, I am quite familiar with TWiP, and I’ve been following up since its inception!

Hanan Ashrawi
Ramallah, Palestine

 There are very few remaining symbols in our small world that remind us of the possibilities. TWiP is one of them.

Carol Sansour
Athens, Greece

Cela donne envie de le lire. (Just looking at TWiP makes me want to read it.)

Faiz Nuiri
Paris, France

My daughter, who lives and works abroad, was asked to present a talk about Palestinian culture at an international culture day taking place this month. What other than This Week in Palestine to refer to for information? This Week in Palestine has crafted Palestinian culture and identity into meaningful, accurate, creative, authentic, and educational content. Every article related to the theme was written with passion and formed a unique experience! That’s how wonderful it is. In her words, “Every issue is like a whole new experience of my homeland, Mom!” Keep up the good work, Turbo-design!

Suheir Khoury
Al-Quds, Palestine

Thank you for giving me a heartfelt smile each time I receive an email from you. In the midst of people losing faith and enthusiasm, you’ve managed to maintain an inspiring attitude. Warmest wishes for a very happy next year to all. With love and gratitude.

Laila Atshan
Ramallah, Palestine

You have created a forest of admirers who anxiously await the next issue. Your efforts have reached every corner of the world; we salute you and wish you even greater success.

Rizek and Alice Abushar
California, USA

It’s a pleasure to see a publication of such caliber that underscores community concerns, analyzes national issues, provides political insight, and promotes the arts, all the while veering from partisan and political affiliation. If this is not true nationalism, I do not know what is. To top this, the publication is published with unparalleled professional graphic design. “Today an orchestra, tomorrow a state,” what a beautiful message of hope you end the article with.

Rami Meo
Sydney, Australia

Congratulations on the nineteenth anniversary of your launching of This Week in Palestine. Beginning with your first issue and up to now, I have been reading and enjoying each and every issue. I have also observed with lots of appreciation how you have developed it over the years. It definitely has become a national archive. The credit, dear Sani, goes to you, your foresight and perseverance and the teams you have working with you. Best wishes for continuous success and further achievements.


Siham Atalla
Ramallah, Palestine

[referring to the January 2023 issue of TWiP, themed “Historical Palestine”] This was probably the best edition ever! Bravo!

Diana Butto,
Nazareth, Palestine

Why support TWiP?

Let the readers tell you.

….. following the publication of [our] article in the April issue of TWiP, we have been contacted and contracted by a major consultancy company …. This certainly demonstrates the influence of TWiP, and we thought you would be pleased to know this! I’m sure this has already happened in the past with other professionals as well.

This person prefers to remain

I’m writing to express an interest in volunteering with This Week in Palestine. I’m interested in pursuing a career in publishing and writing, and I want to accrue more experience in writing and editing in these fields. I’m particularly drawn to This Week in Palestine for its celebration of Palestinian life, history, and culture. From an international perspective, I value TWIP’s uplifting of Palestinian culture beyond the

political sphere that much of the media in the UK confines it to, and I am keen to learn more and educate myself as much as possible.

Benedict Mulcare
Oxford, United Kingdom

TWiP speaks beyond the message conveyed by the individual published articles. It is a Palestinian beacon.

Antoine Nesnas
Al-Quds, Palestine

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for a wonderful issue on Palestinian poetry and

poets. I binge-read, if you will, the issue over the weekend, and I feel so inspired and energized …

just what I needed. I cannot thank you and the TWiP team enough!

Hasheemah Afaneh
Al-Quds, Palestine


This issue makes me proud to be a Palestinian, waiting for the day that our people will be free and independent, leaving a bigger mark on the Arab world and indeed the whole world. Warm congratulations and all good wishes.

Rizek and Alice Abushar
California, USA

A sincere thank you to you, Sani, as you are becoming the pulse of the country. All of the best wishes to you and to every sincere person. Thanks,

Reem Masrouji
El-Bireh, Palestine

You qualify your magazine as a “small magazine,” but the fact remains that whether small or big, it has exceptionally recorded and continues to record much of the written and unwritten history of Palestine and the Palestinian people. It has developed into an encyclopedia of our beloved Palestine and Palestinian people. This not only makes us Palestinians proud, but we are also so pleased that it has become a point

of reference for many foreigners, students, researchers, and people of learning. Your continued effort to capture more and more of the social, cultural, educational, and historical facts about our beloved country is a monumental achievement that you and your wonderful team are tirelessly providing to your readers. A great big thank you goes to you personally and also to the entire team.

Antoine D. Nesnas
Al-Quds, Palestine

You keep proving me wrong. After each edition, I say, “This is the best edition.” Well done.

Rami Meo
Sydney Australia

Our heartiest congratulations on your remarkable issue [January 2023]. You truly make it so hard for us to decide which one of the issues outshines the others. The themes and presentations you choose are not only great but very enlightening about Palestinian culture, history, and, most important of all, the love of the land. The hard work of you and your team produces not only a nice-to-read publication but also a valuable archive of the Palestinian mode of life and history, for which you are to be commended and thanked.

Antoine D. Nesnas
Al-Quds, Palestine

This Week in Palestine is a treasure trove of information on Palestine. A national treasure.

Kenza Ma

You do have an awesome publication worthy of maintaining and propagating. We are too much in the

news for the wrong and/or bad things. TWiP manages to cover the wealth of Palestinian cultural richness and the strong and resilient Palestinian human spirit under the toughest of conditions and makes positive human contributions to Palestinian cultural, social, and economic developmental issues.

Hani Abu Dayyeh
Palestine and Italy

This is an issue to keep in the house library. Very well done.

Rania Filfil
Abu Qash, Palestine

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