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Reflections in Free Fall

Zawyeh Gallery proudly presents Reflections in Free Fall, an online virtual exhibition by Palestinian artist Bashir Qonqar. Through this innovative platform, art enthusiasts and curious minds from around the world can now partake in an immersive experience, delving into the captivating social tapestry that Qonqar weaves.
Qonqar’s artistic vision spans various mediums, such as painting, drawing, digital work, filmmaking, music, and performance, and comes to life beautifully within Zawyeh’s virtual gallery space. The Free Fall project, born in 2013 and continuously evolving, takes center stage in this virtual exhibition. By transcending geographical boundaries, the exhibition itself becomes an ethereal reflection of our collective essence, inviting visitors to explore the depths of human interaction.

Reflections in Free Fall showcases Qonqar’s remarkable talent and artistic prowess. As the body of works allows audiences from all corners of the globe to engage with the profound narratives and thought-provoking visuals presented in this exhibition, viewers are invited to embark on a journey of self-reflection and gain a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics that shape our shared human experience. The online exhibition serves as a testament to the absurdity that is present in our world, as Qonqar skillfully highlights the disconnectedness between societal norms and individual morals. The artist’s vibrant and provocative use of color is preserved within the digital medium and stands in stark contrast to the profound content found within the artworks. Through this intentional juxtaposition, Qonqar fearlessly acknowledges the spectral nature that frequently lurks beneath the surface of reality.

As Qonqar left Palestine in 2018 and found a new home in Bad Goisern, Austria, his artwork continues to transcend borders. In virtual space, the artist’s personal journey merges seamlessly with the universal, resulting in a captivating and introspective display. Visitors to the exhibition can witness the intertwining of Qonqar’s experiences, fears, weaknesses, and strengths, which evokes a deep sense of connection and reflection.
Zawyeh Gallery’s virtual platform provides a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to engage with Reflections in Free Fall. Visitors can explore Qonqar’s multifaceted creations at their own pace, embracing the intimate and intricate details of each artwork. The exhibition prompts viewers to question their place within the world and examine the complex threads that bind society together.

Born in 1980 in Bethlehem, Bashir Qonqar is a self-taught artist now based in Austria. Qonqar’s work explores sociocultural interactions and challenges societal taboos through various mediums such as painting, drawing, digital art, and installations. His artworks have been showcased in countries worldwide, including Palestine, Germany, Austria, and the United Arab Emirates.

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