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Pharmacare Ltd. “Expression of Trust”

By Bassim Khoury

Established in 1985, Pharmacare Ltd. is a pharmaceutical manufacturer, distributor, and exporter that has been remarkably successful during turbulent times in Palestine, from life under a military government to the signing of the Oslo Accords to the current political stagnation. I attribute this success to Pharmacare’s unwavering commitment to quality. This mark of distinction and subsequent EU-GMP international accreditation has led Pharmacare to gain the trust of the local market and opened export markets for our products, which in turn has diversified our income and decreased the risk associated with operating in Palestine. Further diversification has included the establishment of a subsidiary in Malta that focuses on the production of anti-cancer medication. Hard work and perseverance – traits that are luckily not in short supply in Palestine – transform into a message of hope. Thus, during these uncertain times of inflation and rising interest rates, Pharmacare is embarking on an ambitious project to fulfill our strategic plans by building a new facility, investing in sustainability, increasing our capacity, and engaging in backward integration in Palestine and in Malta. Offering support to finance this undertaking and provide technical assistance are the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Italian loan, and local banks. This continues the trend of Pharmacare’s engagement with reputable financial institutions, as in the past we benefited from financing from the Agence Française de Développement and the International Finance Corporation. Through its continued success, Pharmacare has become a representation of what Palestine could be.
Pharmacare LTD, Palestine.

Celebrating 300 Issues

I have followed This Week in Palestine (TWiP) since its inception 24 years ago. The least I can say about the magazine is that it is one bright spot in Palestine. It has proven beyond any doubt its reliability as a communication tool, whose content has reflected the Palestinian narrative – a narrative that is being challenged in every respect. Furthermore, it presents the best of Palestine, instills hope, and connects Palestinians from all over the world. Best of all, it makes Palestinians proud of their heritage and achievements, which TWiP shares with the world. For these reasons, this project should be supported, particularly considering the challenges it faces – for example, the raid on its offices by the Israeli army and the confiscation of its servers, screens, and laptops a few years ago. Pharmacare has supported TWiP by investing in the project and sponsoring various issues. The challenges that we Palestinians face today are formidable! Which is why supporting This Week in Palestine on a regular basis is an act that protects Palestinian heritage and narrative and thus benefits us all.

Pharmacare Premium, Malta.

A Reflection on TWiP and Health

The topic of health has always been important for TWiP. During its lifespan of over 24 years, the magazine has dedicated numerous editions to health in Palestine, shedding light on the sector and spreading awareness of its achievements and challenges. In my personal opinion, the ones that stand out are a series of three consecutive issues that were published as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to weigh in and spread globally. TWiP’s April 2020 issue was themed “Palestine Fighting Back.” Its 16 articles provided valuable information regarding the virus, informed readers about the actions undertaken by the Palestinian public sector and civil society in efforts to combat the pandemic, and assisted in spreading awareness of preventive measures to help readers avoid contracting the virus by highlighting recommendations that the WHO and other health institutions had provided. The next two issues were COVID-related as well, themed “Sustaining the Palestinian Economy” and “Getting Palestine Back on Its Feet.”

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the more than 24 years and 300 issues that bear witness to the challenges and changes our country has gone through. I hope, pray, and believe that we can overcome these challenges – and that the upcoming 300 issues will reflect a peaceful and prosperous Palestine.


Pharmacare Ltd.

Industrial Zone, Mahatma Gandhi Street
Beitunia – Ramallah
P.O.Box: 677
Phone:+970 2 290 0680-3
Fax: +970 2 290 0189
Email: info@pharmacare-ltd.com
Website: http://www.pharmacare-ltd.net

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