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Paving the Way to Silicon Valley

By Samah Ramadan

Being the mother of six beautiful daughters didn’t stop me from pursuing an education, embarking on a career, and following up with opportunities that I hope will inspire my daughters to dream big for themselves.

I joined the TechWomen mentorship program to be exposed to new experiences and build my network of professionals and role models so that I could continue to add value to the freelancers whom I assist in Gaza Sky Geeks’ Freelancing Academy. I enjoy being part of the learning process and of their growth journey. When they secure their first job, it feels like my own achievement and my own joy. As a graphic designer, I believe that the Gazan market lacks new and distinct visions in graphic design. I am on a mission to connect with professionals in the field of graphic design to harness their experience and bring new perspectives and skills to Gaza.

Samah in Silicon Valley.

The STEM field, in my opinion, represents the future, and I congratulate every woman who works in this field. I believe that women have power on their own, but when we work together, we can make a huge difference. We must lift each other up and channel the power of collaboration in order to change the equation and our representation in STEM. All you have to do is be true to yourself and confident.

I am currently immensely proud to be able to announce that I will take part in the eleventh cohort of the State Department’s prestigious TechWomen initiative. Selected from nearly 4,000 female applicants from 21 countries, I am the only participant from the Gaza Strip. I am most thrilled that I will be visiting Silicon Valley. It will be my first time to travel out of Gaza and the first time away from my daughters, but I am happy to serve as a role model of self-improvement for them, they are my inspiration.

TechWomen aims to empower, connect, and support the next generation of women leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East by providing us with the access and opportunities we need to advance our careers, pursue our dreams, and inspire other women and girls in our communities.

  • Samah Ramadan is a program assistant at Mercy Corps, Gaza Sky Geek’s Freelancing Academy, where she has supported hundreds of young Palestinians who are starting their careers as freelancers.

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