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Exhibition of the Month


New Creatives

Presents works by five artists

Al Ma’mal Foundation, New Gate, Old City, Jerusalem

15 October – 30 November 2021

The five artists featured in this year’s New Creatives are engaged in a broad spectrum of artistic practices – including photography, sculpture, print-making, painting, and video installation – reflecting the diversity of talents and wide range of exposure these artists bring to us.

Adel Al-Taweel.

Each artist has studied and practiced a particular medium and understood its potential for embodying their ideas, observations, and emotions. Yet, the act of “embodiment” or “transformation” oscillates between the concept and its physical manifestation through a particular medium. This uncertainty poses the very challenge that all artists face every time they produce new works.

Motasem Siam.

This challenge is moderated by experience and learning and by the presence of a community of colleagues and institutions who provide support, guidance, and spaces for interaction and engagement with the public.

Reem Masri.

We at Al Ma’mal are proud to present the work of five talented artists, namely Adel al-Taweel, Motasem Siam, Reem Masri, Sabreen Haj Ahmad, and Saja Qutteineh, who were selected for the second edition of the New Creatives exhibition.

Saja Qutteineh.

This year’s edition of New Creatives was made possible through the support of the British Council within its Masarat Grants program, designed to support the professional development of emerging artists, creatives, and cultural practitioners in the region. It provides financial support for art production, project work, and the showcase of activities.

Sabreen Haj Ahmad.

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