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Message from the Editor

Amid the ongoing genocide, the growing international support for Palestine since October 7 continues to amaze both advocates and detractors alike. Massive mobilization has grown since October 7, particularly across the US and many European countries, where more “liberal” laws permit more public actions. The Global South has once again taken the lead in global opposition to colonialism at the state level. Changing perspectives on Palestine, which had begun to gain traction in 2008 after Israel began a series of brutal assaults against Gaza, have now dramatically shifted in favor of the Palestinians in the last seven months. In the last month alone, Israel has lost a whole generation of American students across North American universities; Israel’s specious policy against UNRWA has failed as more donors renew their funding; and the ICC – finally – is deliberating issuing arrest warrants for Netanyahu and his accomplices.

The theme of this edition, International Support for Palestine, celebrates the truly awe-inspiring actions taken by Palestine’s international allies, partners, personalities, and institutions against the ongoing genocide in Gaza and the brutal Israeli colonial actions in the West Bank. Voicing support for Palestine in this polarized world has consequences. As one of our featured international personalities has said, “Speaking inconvenient truths can lose you your livelihood. It can lose you friends; it may lose you family.”

In our selection of some of the hundreds of thousands of international voices reverberating around the world, we have highlighted some whose gestures of solidarity with Palestinians have gone beyond a fleeting moment of support to contribute to a deeper change. They include people who have grappled with the complexities of navigating celebrity activism, and in the face of injustice, have made the choice to contribute to a deeper awareness; journalists, academics, and political figures who have stood firm for decades and continue to publicly debate; medical practitioners who provide practical and philosophical aid; and all the ordinary extraordinary people who in liberating themselves to sustained action and advocacy are helping to liberate Palestine.      

TWiP’s contributions this month display the truly global nature of support for Palestine. From Australia to Nicaragua, from Scotland to Namibia and almost everywhere in between, this vast river of justice just keeps on rolling. TWiP is grateful to all these authors (listed in order of appearance): Ilan Pappe, a moral compass for his fellow Israelis and renowned author and professor; Leila Sansour, a celebrated filmmaker and journalist from Bethlehem; Haneen Kinani, a social media researcher providing compelling data on the shifts in global perspectives; author Ramzy Baroud, a son of Gaza, the editor and president of Palestine Chronicle; Jason Damouni, an inexhaustible community activist and clergyman in Perth; Rania Hammad, an educator and journalist  in Italy; John Snobar an Australian diplomat until October 2023 and grandson of the first Palestinian Anglican bishop of Jerusalem; Mette Edith Stendevad, a writer, academic, and activist based in Denmark; Neville Rigby, a proud Scottish activist, wordsmith, and partner of Jane Frere, creator of the powerful and moving banner “SewTheirNames”; Ibrahim Nasrallah, whose poem Palestinian is beautifully translated by Huda Fakhreddine, courtesy of maia tabet; Anne Habiby, economist, entrepreneur, and granddaughter of Jamil Habiby, District Court Judge in Haifa until 1948; and international activists in Palestine, courtesy of the International Solidarity Campaign. Our two books of the month are Bethlehem: A Celebration of Palestinian Food by the celebrated chef, Fadi Kattan, and Born in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian: A Memoir by Jacob J. Nammar, a peace activist from San Antonio, Texas. TWiP is also grateful to Diana Al-Shaer for her valuable assistance with the acknowledgment section.

The entire team at TWiP wishes you continuing joy and perseverance in your solidarity with Palestine. Palestine hears you and rejoices.

By Kirsty Wright

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