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Message from the Editor

While doing business in Palestine comes with extra difficulties, and dealing with the intricacies of occupation-related restrictions requires extra efforts, the rewards should not be underestimated: Palestinian sumud (steadfastness) is strengthened, Palestinians are given purpose through employment and enabled to earn a livelihood, and the quality of life is elevated as goods and services are provided. There are plenty of opportunities for doing business here. After all, education is considered a must and the one asset that cannot be stolen or confiscated. Thus, large numbers of Palestinian university graduates are eager to enter the workforce each year. Their skills in technology, computer science and programming, IT, and marketing can be applied online. But that is rarely enough to keep them happily staying in their homeland. They need more opportunities than the economy can currently offer.
This issue presents the engagement of foreign, international, and local supporters of local development, informs about successful innovative projects and export business partnerships, highlights areas that hold untapped potential, and gives advice on how to secure the longevity of a business. This Week in Palestine wishes to thank the German Representative Office Ramallah for its generous support and all those who have used TWiP as a communication tool to inform about their activities and services. We are also grateful to the authors who have contributed content, including HE Khaled Al-Osaily, Minister of National Economy; Andersen in Palestine International Law and Investment Firm; Oliver Owcza, head of the German Representative Office; Feras Nasr, leader of the UK Palestinian Tech Hub; Nassim Nour, leader of Tasdeer, a trade facilitation and customs support program in Palestine; Palestine Exchange; CPA Catherine Halteh, the head of investor relations at Bank of Palestine; PADICO Holding; Johan Bjurman Bergman, a development specialist with the World Bank Group’s Finance Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice (FCI) for the Middle East and North Africa, based in Washington, DC; Aris Molfetas-Lygkiaris, a lawyer with a dual legal background in common and civil law; Zackaria Sabella, a private sector specialist with FCI; and Goran Vranic, a senior private sector specialist with FCI’s Investment Climate Global Practice program based in Washington, DC; Ouf A. Awadallah, executive director of the Union of Palestinian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers; Tantur Hills Hotel; Dr. Yahya Al-Salqan, co-founder and CEO of Jaffa.Net Software Company; Suhaib Sharif, a managing partner of Andersen in Palestine; and DirecTECH Holding.

Our Personality of the Month is Bassim Khoury, the Book of the Month is Things You May Find Hidden in My Ear by Mosab Abu Toha, the Exhibition of the Month features paintings by Sliman Mansour and is available online, and in TWiP Kitchen, Hani Alfar presents a recipe for Fasoulia b’Zeit. Enjoy the many listed events.

The entire team at TWiP wishes you a good beginning of the fall season, if you live in the northern hemisphere, and a happy spring if you live farther south.

 The Tina Basem

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