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Message from the Editor

While troubling news from Palestine abounds, This Week in Palestine’s thematic approach balances the reporting of ongoing developments and astute commentaries available through Mondoweiss, Alshabaka, or Rabet with generally more uplifting content. In 300 issues, TWiP has shed light on various aspects of Palestinian society and many sectors, including the economy, education, legislation, sports, and the arts. For over two decades, the Limelight section has featured Palestinian artists, relevant books, inspiring personalities, beautiful locations, and Palestinian flora and fauna in almost every issue. TWiP’s content is presented in a stunning layout that is crafted by Palestine’s most distinguished designer and his equally talented son. All of this is done as a labor of love since we do our best to keep our eyes focused on our mission to highlight the Palestinian narrative and bring out the good in Palestine – even as we try to overcome financial challenges.

Since 2017, we have asked our readers and followers to subscribe to TWiP to ensure its sustainability. The original business model that relied on paid advertisements by local institutions and businesses to cover production costs has been weakened by the rising appeal of the wider reach of social media advertising. We sincerely thank those of you who have subscribed! But we need more of you to follow suit: 3,000 subscribers could sustain us; more are needed to cover outstanding debts. So when you are looking for a sustainable gift in a world where social media abounds with workshops on how to declutter our living spaces, why not consider giving a gift subscription to the digital version of TWiP?

Our tremendous gratitude goes to Pharmacare for acquiring the Bronze Sponsorship, the Ambassador Collection for its generous support of this issue, and all those who use TWiP as a platform to inform about their services!

The positive feedback we have received over the past years and on the occasion of this issue’s milestone, some of which is gathered here, is heartwarming, and we would like to thank you for your support. Many of you are listed as our personalities of the month because you truly sustain(ed) us, helping us give a voice to a narrative that, unfortunately, many would like to suppress. Apologies to the many others who have not been mentioned but played an equally important role! Special thanks go to this issue’s authors: retired professor and former minister Mashhour Abudaka; Dalal Iriqat, the founding president of Business and Professional Women BPW Palestine 2022; Dr. Yara Dahdal, who serves as an environmental consultant at Nature Palestine Society; Dr. Rima Najjar, an activist and retired professor; Dr. Ali Qleibo, an anthropologist, author, and artist;  Ali Ghaith, the owner and chief consultant of AG Consultancies; Bassim Khoury, the CEO of Pharmacare; Kegham Balian, a columnist at The Armenian Weekly; Marcelo Marzouka, a Palestinian-Chilean lawyer and sociologist; architect Shatha Safi, the director of Riwaq; Tony Khashram, the founder and managing director of Aeolus Tours in Jerusalem; Hasheemah Afaneh, a Palestinian writer and public health professional, Bank of Palestine, and Jala Group. Our two books of the month are Homeland by Hannah Moushabek and Fugitive Dreams by Ramsey Hanhan. The exhibitions of the month are Thobes: The Cross-point of Palestinian Identities, curated by Taisir Masrieh Hasbun, TWiP’s artistic director, and Zawyeh Gallery’s online exhibition of Selected Works by Nabil Anani. Enjoy the listed events.

The entire team at TWiP offers wishes for a Happy Easter and Happy Eid al-Fitr to all who are celebrating and a more peaceful world to everyone,

 The Tina Basem

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