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Message from the Editor

When we announced our intention to publish an additional issue of This Week in Palestine (TWiP) to complement the August 2021 issue in order to focus on West Jerusalem, we were warned not to dwell on the past and were encouraged to “move on.” With the current May 2022 issue, we’re certainly not dwelling on the past. On the contrary, we at TWiP believe that it is our duty to highlight and keep alive such important issues as the historical reality of the destruction of a whole community in 1948, not only as a reminder of this history but also to support the claims for ownership rights, compensation, and restitution.

TWiP wishes to thank LANA (www.lana.ps), a new, contemporary residential neighborhood that serves the Palestinians of Jerusalem, for acquiring the gold sponsorship of this May 2022 issue.

Our thanks also go to this month’s authors: Marina Parisinou, a researcher and blogger on her maternal family’s history, and the co-content editor on this issue; H.E. Issa Kassissieh, Ambassador of Palestine to the Holy See and the Sovereign Order of Malta; Antoine D. Nesnas, a Jerusalemite with an impeccable memory; Nadia Aboussouan Tyson, MD, a radiologist until her retirement; Bakiza Nashashibi Imam, previously an active member of the Women’s Union Association and the YWCA; Nahil Aweidah, a retired English instructor at the AUB; Samia Nasir Khoury, a writer and retired community volunteer; Haiganoush Krikorian Preisler, PhD from UC Berkeley, who worked as a statistical scientist with the USDA Forest Service; Claire Rahil Lorenzo; Sir Vincent Fean, a retired British diplomat who was Consul-General, Jerusalem, now chairing the Balfour Project charity; Laila and Issa Mashy; Munir Zacharia, a retired health care/finance manager; Emile Jouzy, an expert on tourism; Edmond Aboujudom; Raymond Haddad, a retired physician; Rizek Abusharr, who served the Jerusalem YMCA for 50 years; and last but not least, the young Tarek Bakri, a Palestinian engineer and researcher.

Due to this month’s wealth of material, the only regular features included in this issue are our Book of the Month, The Storyteller of Jerusalem, and Where to Go, Cremisan Wine Estate.

The entire team at TWiP wishes all our readers the best things that life can offer.

Sincerely, the TWiP Collective

By Tina Basem

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  1. Bridget le Huray

    I am so pleased to have found this on line. When in Jerusalem last month I asked at the Jerusalem Hotel and in the Old City for a current copy and nobody could provide with any.Br


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