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Message from the Editor

Living a healthy life and enabling others to do the same involves personal and political choices. Change on the personal level is a bit simpler – but by no means easier – to initiate. But beyond our own well-being, change is becoming increasingly crucial on a global level. As climate change is affecting humans worldwide – and disproportionally those who are most vulnerable because they are less affluent – Palestine is a hotspot particularly affected due to the compounded consequences of global warming and the occupation. Gazans are affected daily by our failure to reduce our carbon footprint or dispose of our waste properly and by our lack of engagement in demanding that they are provided humane living conditions and essential services such as clean water. Solidarity action matters.

In this issue, you will find inspiration and food for thought – and hopefully action! Our authors remind you of the need to move, rest, and make healthy and sustainable food choices while also highlighting the challenges we must tackle in our efforts to leave a livable planet for our children and grandchildren.

TWiP would like to thank the institutions who chose us as a platform to advertise their offerings as well as the authors who contributed value to this issue. They include medical nutrition therapist Suha Khoury, doctor of naturopathic medicine Saleh Majaj, environmental and occupational health scientist Dr. Ramzi Michael Sansur, animal rescuer Nada Kitena and neurologist Dr. Michel Khoury; water desalination and wastewater treatment specialist Dr. Yara Dahdal; art therapist specialized in drama and movement therapy Petra Barghouthi; general manager of the Palestine Standards Institution Haidar Hajjeh; adviser-ranking minister at the PA’s Negotiations Affairs Department Dr. Shaddad Attili, yoga and meditation teacher Eilda Zaghmout; the World Health Organization; founder and CEO of Mariam Foundation Mohammad Hamed; head of the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection Salah Hanieh; blogger, translator, and educator who teaches Yoga at Farashe Center in Ramallah Diana Salqan; and Bethlehem Cultural Festival.

Our Personality of the Month is Kamal Shamshoum, Historical Personality of the Month is Bishara Zoughbi, and Artist of the Month is Naseem Rimawi. Let our Book of the Month Under the Copper Covers inspire you to create some culinary delights to warm a cold November evening. Where to Go takes you to Beit Al Karmeh, and Ahlan Palestine Postcard presents a little-known traditional way to prepare smoked olive oil. Enjoy the listed events.

From the entire team at TWiP, we wish you a healthy month of November,


By Tina Basem

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