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Message from the Editor

With the creation of the Palestinian Authority in 1995 came a yearning to establish the rule of law in Palestinian society, guided by the principles of transparency and accountability. Now, over a quarter century later, a self-assessment is necessary. What are the factors that hinder rule of law in Palestinian society? What are the steps that are necessary to guarantee it? How can the rule of law be achieved when the legislative branch, the Palestinian Legislative Council, has not convened in over 15 years? How does the political division affect rule of law? What role can civil society and women’s organizations play in guaranteeing the rule of law as well as in monitoring and oversight? And how can rule of law be achieved while Palestinians continue to live under Israeli occupation and be denied their sovereign rights? These are just some of the thought-provoking questions that are addressed in the September issue, themed “The Rule of Law in Palestine.” Legal and human rights activists, civil society and women’s organization leaders, and many others share their perspectives.

TWiP is grateful to the Independent Commission for Human Rights for its financial contribution to this issue, in addition to the two articles it submitted, by authors Ammar Dwaik, the director general of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, and Ola Adawi, ICHR’s International Relations and Programme Development Officer.    Special thanks also goes to Gina Benevento; Dr. Nizam Salahat, a lecturer in security and political science at Al-Istiqlal University in Jericho; Jonathan Kuttab, a Palestinian attorney and human rights activist; Randa Siniora, the general director of the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling; Dr. Majdi Khaldi, a diplomatic affairs adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas; Cathrine Abuamsha, an advocacy lawyer at the local and regional advocacy department of Al-Haq; and Dr. Yara Dahdal, Nature Palestine Society’s project manager.

Ahlan Palestine takes us on a journey to learn about traditional rug weaving in southern Hebron. Our Books of the Month are From Jerusalem to a Kingdom by the Sea: the story of a family and its black swans and A Taste of Gaza: Food and Traditions from Home; and Where to Go takes us to the Zalatimo Houses.

The entire team at TWiP is grateful for your support. Happy reading!

By Amal Hassan

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