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Message from the Editor

Among the most haunting images from the latest war on Gaza are those of Gazan children! While their physical injuries touch us at the most visceral level, the invisible pain and suffering are immense as well. They are shared by Palestinian children all over the occupied territories and in refugee camps both local and abroad. Children are among our sources of joy. They can also make us face our greatest challenges, particularly when they are hurt and we struggle to find ways to alleviate their suffering or correct inappropriate behavior while helping them heal. This issue covers the plight of Palestinian children from various angles.

We extend our gratitude also to the individuals and institutions who submitted articles and contributed to the rich content of this issue. Among them are Lucia Elmi, the UNICEF Special Representative to the State of Palestine; the International Committee of the Red Cross; Save the Children; Gaza’s Family Centers; Jerusalem’s Burj al-Luqluq Social Center Society; Kegham Balian, the marketing and production manager at Balian–Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem, and Nanar Nakashian, a graduate student of clinical psychology at Teacher’s College, Columbia University; Nour Abu Raya, the coordinator of Al Kamandjati Association’s music teaching program in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon; and Sondos Mleitat, the co-founder and co-CEO of Hakini, an online mental-health support platform.

Our personalities of the month are Manal Tuffaha, Suheil Abu Arafeh, and Hadeel Abu Zayed, three young volunteers who excel and are making viable contributions in their chosen fields. Our Book of the Month is Intimate Reflections: The Art of Vera Tamari, and the Artist of the Month is the puppeteer Radi Shehadeh. If you can reach Bethlehem, visit Colours of Hope, our Exhibition of the Month, that presents artworks by Gazan artists. Bassam Almohor invites you to visit the exhibition What’s Behind the Socket in Where to Go. In Ahlan Palestine Postcard, Manal Hasan takes you to Jericho, where a ride on the cable car to the Mount of Temptation is likely to delight young and old generations alike. Our Events section is vibrant this month; make sure to check out the rich offering of films, theater, symposia, concerts, and special events.

Wishing a peaceful, safe, and healthy summer to all, our entire team at TWiP thanks you for your continued interest in and support of developments in Palestine.


By Tina Basem

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