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LANA is a new, contemporary mixed-use residential neighborhood that serves the Palestinians of Jerusalem in a comfortable and elegant unique setting. LANA is located in the northern quadrant of Beit Hanina; it is centered in a strategic area which offers easy access to key parts of Jerusalem, to the roads leading to Ramallah, and to the highway leading to the coastal cities. The project is quickly becoming the talk of Jerusalemites who are looking for luxury within their community surroundings.

It’s a lifestyle

LANA features a modern shopping center with stores that offer the latest fashions, restaurants and cafes, cinemas, and other indoor entertainment areas. The upscale residential buildings embrace a spacious green park designed for a variety of daily outdoor activities, including exercise areas for adults and a playground for children. The barbeque area allows residents and their guests to capitalize on Jerusalem’s beautiful weather most of the year.

LANA residents enjoy a new experience of state-of-the-art infrastructure in their homes and community. Neighborhood maintenance and security are provided by experienced specialized staff. The smart design and quality services ensure a relaxed and safe living environment. LANA is the ideal location to start a family and raise children. To complete the unique lifestyle, LANA will include a school and kindergarten, health care facilities, and more essential services.

The Developer

From the developer of Rawabi, the iconic first Palestinian planned city, LANA is the latest pioneering large-scale real estate project dedicated to serving Jerusalemites. The developer’s strong financials, coupled with decades of unprecedented local and regional experience, ensure the success of this more-than-one-billion-shekel project.

Bashar Masri, the founder of Rawabi and chairman of Massar International, announced the LANA project at a press conference in Jerusalem in October 2021 with the presence and blessings of Muslim and Christian leaders.

The Apartments

LANA’s luxurious dwellings range in size from 90 to 170 square meters. Buyers may choose from a selection of two-, three-, or four-bedroom apartments with panoramic views. Apartments are designed and equipped with the highest finishing standards that include central air-conditioning and under-floor radiant heating systems. The high-end kitchens supplied by well-known manufacturers are available in a variety of color options and with additional upgrades. All finishing materials are carefully selected to provide the homes Jerusalemites dreamed of owning. The apartments appeal to the refined taste of families.

Early buyers have the privilege of further customizing their apartments to their personal taste and needs, offering flexibility to choose various designs and materials.

LANA’s apartments boast contemporary architecture, designed to optimize the buildings’ public and private amenities. Each building will include a welcoming and luxurious lobby staffed with concierge services and two fast elevators. This is the ultimate luxury.

Get your apartment by mid-2024

Construction of the first phase is well under way, implemented by a leading Palestinian contractor with diversified experience and a solid track record in building large projects. Buyers are scheduled to receive their apartments on time in the third quarter of 2024. Visitors may observe the fast pace of the project progress on site.

Gaby & Violet Karmi

“We have been looking for a house for a while and explored all available options. Nothing was close to the standards we are looking for. We want class and comfort for our family and are not willing to settle for less. Finally, when we visited LANA’s showroom, we were so happy to find everything we looked for and much more! We encourage everyone to visit the showroom and see the project close-up”.

Firas Qaisi 

“LANA is ideal. I expect this neighborhood to be a success. The attention to details is different from any other project I seen in Jerusalem. The lifestyle of the neighborhood and the high-end features made me take the decision to purchase an apartment in LANA. Long-term mortgage financing programs made it easier to buy my dream home.”

Long-Term Financing Offers Relaxed Monthly Payments

To this point, the Arab Bank and Cairo-Amman Bank offer attractive, exclusive long-term financing to buyers at LANA. Tens of buyers have received approvals by both banks. Israeli banks also recently gave the approval to proceed with “Mashkanta” mortgages to LANA buyers. They are expected to begin processing applications in the near future.

The Showroom

Visit the showroom and experience LANA’s refined taste and class right from the beginning. Situated at St. George Street in Sheikh Jarrah, a splendid historic building embraces LANA’s architectural models and advanced interactive solutions. An innovative way to introduce prospective buyers to LANA’s experience before they purchase their dream houses. From this historic Palestinian house, a bright future for Jerusalem families is born. Visitors learn about apartment options, design, quality, amenities, prices, and financing – directly from the friendly LANA showroom team. Hundreds of Jerusalemites looking for their dream homes have visited the showroom. Buyers include professionals from a wide spectrum of fields – including medical, legal, educational, technology, tourism and management – as , as well as embassy and NGO staff.

Demand is high!

Hundreds of prospective buyers expressed interest in LANA and are continuously visiting the showroom. Sales are significantly above the developer’s plans and expectations. Interested buyers should quickly call LANA’s team at +972 2 580 9080 to arrange for a private visit to the showroom and LANA’s site.

For more information, contact:
7 Saint George St., Jerusalem 9620916
Tel: +972 2 580 9080
WhatsApp: +972 52 501 151 62
Or call *8956 or visit www.lana.ps

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