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I Found Myself in Palestine

Stories of Love and Renewal from Around the Globe

Edited by Nora Lester Murad


“An engrossing anthology that attempts to see past the pain and bloodshed into the soul of the Palestinian people … A diverse collection of authors with a shared connection to Palestine meditate on why their relationship to the land and its people endures.”

Kirkus Reviews

In I Found Myself in Palestine: Stories of Love and Renewal from Around the Globe, editor Nora Lester Murad brings together more than twenty personal reflections on being a foreigner in Palestine to offer a view into what it means to experience Palestine and its culture as an outsider.

“Mirroring the reach of Palestine’s global community, contributors come from Bolivia, Chile, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, South Africa, Sudan, the United States, and more. Spouses and parents, friends and lovers, activists, aid workers, expats and travelers – all are “ordinary people” who by choice or chance found themselves deeply involved with, and changed by, the land and people of Palestine. By turns raw, poignant, funny or sad, these “foreign reflections” on the search for belonging offer surprising glimpses into the kaleidoscope that is Palestine.

“Contributors include: Pam Bailey, Mariam Barghouti, Thimna Bunte, Jonathan Cook, Helene Furani, Fatima Gabru, Neta Golan Kamal, Nadia Hasan, Donn Hutchison, Didi Kanaaneh, Andrew Karney, Maria Khoury, Corina Mamani, Cody O’Rourke, Carolyn Quffa, Rina Rosenberg, Marty Rosenbluth, Ann Saba, Samira Safadi, Zeena Salman, Steve Sosebee, Saul Jihad Takahashi, and Trees Zbidat-Kosterman.

“Nora Lester Murad is a writer and social justice activist, originally from California. She is coauthor of Rest in My Shade: A Poem about Roots (Interlink, 2018). She posts her writing at www.noralestermurad.com.”

Taken from the Interlink Publishing website

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