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Hope amid Hardship

PCRF’s Ongoing Mission in Gaza

Courtesy of Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Since its foundation in 1991, the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) has been a beacon of hope for tens of thousands of Palestinian children. PCRF is a charity organization committed to providing medical and humanitarian relief to Palestinian children, regardless of their nationality or religion.

During the first quarter of 2024, amid the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, PCRF has extended its assistance to the most vulnerable populations, particularly displaced individuals and people facing challenging circumstances. Through strategic projects and interventions, PCRF has not only addressed critical needs in hygiene, medical care, nutrition, relief supplies, and essential infrastructure development but also made a significant impact in mitigating the effects of the conflict on the most vulnerable populations.

Recognizing the urgent need for displaced individuals and residents to maintain dignity through personal hygiene, PCRF distributed approximately 15,000 hygiene packages during the first quarter of 2024. These packages included sanitary pads and baby diapers, ensuring cleanliness and sanitation in difficult-to-access areas. This initiative is vital in promoting health and well-being in demanding conditions.

In addition to providing hygiene support, PCRF collaborated with the Ministry of Health to procure and distribute essential medical items, including medications, sterile laboratory sponges, and dialysis catheters. These supplies are critical in order to bolster the healthcare infrastructure and help to ensure access to appropriate medical care as health institutions continue to face massive shortages.

PCRF staff delivering urgent nutritional support to children and families in the Gaza Strip.

PCRF has undertaken a variety of emergency food interventions to combat food insecurity and meet the nutritional needs of vulnerable populations. Basic food items were also provided to support families during Ramadan, demonstrating PCRF’s comprehensive approach to addressing hunger and malnutrition. An estimated 400,000 individuals benefited from these efforts during the first quarter of 2024.

Recognizing the psychological and physical toll of the war, PCRF has distributed toys for children as well as pillows, blankets, winter clothes, and mattresses, aiming to comfort and support those living in shelters and affected by displacement and hardship. These efforts underline the organization’s holistic approach to humanitarian aid.

Despite abundant challenges, PCRF has made significant progress in constructing a field hospital in Rafah to provide essential medical infrastructure despite the ongoing war and scarcity of resources. Moreover, PCRF facilitated specialized medical care for 44 children from Gaza during the first quarter of the year, enabling them to receive treatment in countries such as Qatar, the UAE, and the US through its Treatment Abroad Program.  PCRF’s Humanitarian Programs Department that provides essential care and support to children with disabilities or medical conditions resumed operating its programs, including One-Time Medical Sponsorship, Gaza Orphan Sponsorship, and Monthly Disabled Sponsorship. The One-Time Medical Sponsorship program supported 17 cases, the Gaza Orphan Sponsorship program assisted 454 orphans, and the Monthly Disabled Sponsorship program aided 123 cases, offering vital assistance to vulnerable children in Gaza.

PCRF’s Medical Missions Providing life saving surgeries and medical treatment to those in need.

Despite the numerous impediments, the war, and the enduring humanitarian catastrophe, PCRF remains dedicated to providing crucial support and medical care to the vulnerable children of Gaza.

PCRF constructing an 80-bed field hospital in Rafah.

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