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Sun of Freedom

DirecTech Renewable Energy was established in 2018, following two years of intensive study of the available technologies worldwide. DirecTech is committed to the professional development of the sustainable renewable energy sector because the lack of energy security is one of the main challenges that Palestine faces today and a critical obstacle in realizing sustainable political and economic independence. The energy sector is almost entirely dependent on electricity imports, with the majority of imports coming from Israel.

DirecTech enjoys strong relations with local and foreign investors whom we provide with technical proposals and feasibility studies to produce solar photovoltaic power plants in various applications, such as residential, industrial, commercial, and agricultural settings.

Shams al-Hurriah 1.

Our goal and focus is quality rather than quantity. “We must execute our projects with the highest possible efficiency, and all our PV system components must be from the top five manufacturers worldwide,” explains Engineer Basem Hishmeh, the chairman of the board of directors.

Basem L. Hishmeh in Ramallah during one of many visits home. 

Ayman Abu Dayyah, DirecTech’s general manager, knows that Palestinian engineers are able to implement and execute large-scale projects equivalent to those of specialists in advanced countries. He asserts: “Our team of Palestinian engineers is creative, experienced, and highly skilled in the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of plants. They can work efficiently anywhere.”

DirecTech has embarked on a series of PV plants that it calls Sun of Freedom. The first project was implemented in 2020 in Al-Nasariya, in Palestine’s central valley, in cooperation with the Joint Services Council. Sun of Freedom 1 provides 984.15 kW and is funded entirely by Palestinian investors in the diaspora. We executed the project in less than four weeks, despite the difficult situation the country is going through due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Shams al-Hurriah 1, the first of what we hope will be many solar power generation farms.

We plan to continue executing Sun of Freedom PV plants at a rate of 5 Mw per year until the Palestinian Authority has adapted the electrical grids to embrace large-scale projects. Then, we plan to execute large PV plants in Palestine with capacities of 10 Mw.

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