By Ahmad Damen

The name itself implies numerous meanings and interpretations these days. If you remove the dot from the Arabic “G” or “غـ” – a dot that could symbolise the universe itself and all that it encompasses – it becomes ‘izza or pride in Arabic!I remember the first time I visited Gaza in 1995. My most vivid memory is of the beautiful sandy beach that felt smooth beneath my feet. I cannot even imagine the nightmare that it has been turned into by the monstrous Israeli army.At This Week in Palestine, we felt a pressing need to document and communicate testimonies and stories from Gaza. We wanted to go deeper than what the mass media was willing to offer. A more thorough look at Gaza: the past, the present, and the future.

We also wanted to offer fresh and well-documented accounts and thoughts on the on-going onslaught and closure of the Strip. A closed prison, like no other in the world, which continues to be the ever-bleeding heart of the Palestinian experience and another major milestone on the journey for survival. The cry for justice is becoming a huge debt that weighs heavily on the world’s conscience, and it will explode one day in the faces of all those who ignored it. The sparks are already evident throughout the region.

Every page of this issue is marked with a reminder of those who have left us to suffer their loss. Their souls are finally enjoying the freedom that many of them had never experienced during their lifetimes. They will all remain in our hearts and minds … waiting … for justice.

  • Ahmad Damen is a Palestinian writer, music composer, and filmmaker. He’s the writer of several columns in Al Quds Al Arabi Newspaper (London) and online blogs. In addition to being the content editor of This Week in Palestine, he has directed, researched, and composed music for two internationally successful feature documentaries: The Red Stone (2012) and Forbidden Pilgrimage (2014). He’s also a professional oud player and film composer with music credits in more than 12 long documentary and fiction projects.

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