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Focusing on Children

UNICEF’s 75th anniversary finds us at a moment that is as urgent and critical as the one that first created UNICEF in 1946 out of the ashes of the Second World War, as part of the broader UN family. The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated many of the world’s crises and is a moment of reckoning, particularly for children. Moreover the recent escalation has exposed all children to unacceptable levels of violence, distress and trauma. All children have the right to live in peace and dignity. Our work together in 2021, therefore, couldn’t be more important. What we do for, together with, and on behalf of children and young people now will shape their fate for years to come. Today, as the world responds to COVID-19, we mobilize our considerable experience – including in areas such as essential services, education, child protection, water and sanitation, and social protection – to reimagine the future for every child.

To do this, in line with our advocacy strategy and the Sustainable Development Goals, and in partnership with the UN Country Team, UNICEF’s programmatic priorities in the State of Palestine in 2021 focus primarily on three main objectives: preventing violence against children in all its forms, strengthening the systems for basic service delivery – such as health care, water, sanitation, and education — and further developing social protection mechanisms for the most vulnerable boys and girls. On our 75th anniversary, we are building on our collective accomplishments and the creative force of all partners to deliver results for children and young people, improve their prospects in life, and unlock their full potential. All children have rights, and it is critical that they be enabled to claim these rights. In 2021 and beyond, UNICEF will continue its activities and strengthen partnerships, helping girls and boys in the State of Palestine to survive and thrive as they move into healthy, productive, and creative adulthood. Now more than ever, we count on you to partner with us to provide a fair chance for every child.

Lucia Elmi

UNICEF Special Representative to the State of Palestine

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  1. Piero Maldini

    I am deaf and british sign language. I am biggest supporter of Palestine/Gaza. I love Palestinian children and babies 🇵🇸


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