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Decades of Innovative Services and Business Integration

United Securities Co. holds a market-leading position

Courtesy of United Securities Co.

United Securities Company is one of Palestine’s leading brokerage companies. It enables its clients to invest in local, regional, and global stock markets and offers them various financial products and services.

The establishment of United Securities Co. came in response to the emergence of the Palestinian stock market, known as Palestine Exchange (PEX), which was established in 1995 and held its first trading session in 1997, creating a fertile environment for brokerage companies, as all trading deals are run exclusively through them.

With its slogan “Make It Your Choice,” United reflects its aspirations of being investors’ number one destination for trading in Palestine. Therefore, the company carries on to develop its trading systems, meeting its investors’ needs and expectations, as it offers them the ability to manage their portfolios anywhere, anytime, through its advanced, user-friendly electronic trading system and its innovative services based on the personal understanding of each investor’s needs and interests.

General Manager Mr. Ahmad Ammar points out: “We aim to maximize our clients’ profits through our commitment to financial inclusion, where United Securities Co. provides investors with all the information and consultancy they need, as we believe that every individual has the right to access timely financial services and investment opportunities. We therefore continue our efforts to broaden our coverage of more segments of the Palestinian society through our headquarters in the emerging financial hub of Rawabi City and our branches in Nablus, Bethlehem, and Gaza.”

By the end of August 2022, United’s  brokerage activities had accounted for more than 43 percent of PEX’s total trading volume, making it the leading company in the sector with the most significant market share by more than US$305 million in trading volume for the period. This was 53 percent higher than the trading volume of US$199.4 million for the whole year of 2021, showing steady growth and significant expansion of United’s trading activities as it had opened 364 accounts for new clients before August 2022, thus increasing the total number of trading accounts to 7,356.

Technology has transformed the stock trading market, and timely accessibility has become essential. In response, United has kept pace with the constantly changing and developing trading technology, as it continuously upgrades its trading systems and now offers an advanced interactive e-trading application, “United Securities Co.” Compatible with both iOS and android, the application provides access to International and Regional stock markets. It also provides a live feed of information on indices prices and values, their performance charts, technical analysis, and the ability to view the investor’s portfolios in these markets. The application features up-to-date cybersecurity standards in order to prevent potential vulnerabilities and threats such as unauthorized access and modification of the user’s information, maintaining an advanced, responsive, yet safe trading experience through the application, as United always prioritizes its clients’ data privacy.

United Securities Co. provides realtime technical support regarding its application usability. Its technical team is always ready to follow up on any submitted inquiries.

Given that safety is critical in stock trading, United Securities Co. implements the highest standards of trading security and strictly commits to all rules and regulations of the Palestinian Capital Market Authority and PEX, thus maintaining a safe, regulated trading ecosystem that seeks to attract more youthful investors from various Palestinian areas who are encouraged to learn more about Palestine Exchange and the investment opportunities that United offers, away from the risky, unregulated, and unstable cryptocurrencies market.

“Our professional, highly skilled team, into whose capacity building we highly invest, as well as the investors’ trust that we have gained and maintained over the years are our most important assets and means of success,” Mr. Ammar asserted. He added, “The securities market has become one of the main pillars of the Palestinian economy, and proudly, our efforts at United Securities Co. have had a significant impact on the steady development of this market, despite the complex socioeconomic challenges it faces. We aim to maintain our position as the leading securities trading company in Palestine as we continue to exceed our clients’ and shareholders’ expectations by keeping their interests our number one priority.”

Through its specialized departments of business research and development, trading, customer care, and portfolio management, United achieves the type of 360° business integration that covers all the aspects of stock-trading activities and provides both investors and decision makers with in-depth reports, thus offering the best investment opportunities and promoting the growth and evolution of the securities trading sector.

Familiarizing broader segments of the Palestinian population with stock trading is one of United’s primary objectives. The company holds and participates in various conferences and activities inside and outside its headquarters and branches and actively networks with several organizations and universities, having signed memorandums of understanding with some. United also invests in awareness-raising activities; it welcomes interested students and knowledge-seeking visitors and interns, aiming to achieve one of its strategic goals of mainstreaming securities trading and expanding its investor base while leading the development of this promising sector in cooperation with its partners.

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