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A Symphony of Design and Function

By Emil and Kareem Kort

The journey of building CASE X has been a true labor of love, conceived in the heart of Palestine. As the founders of Byrdbyte, we believe that simplicity is the key to productivity. Our goal was to create a unique product that affordably transforms MacBook Pro laptops into more powerful workstations – and that’s exactly what we did.Byrdbyte was created with the mission to provide digital freedom to all its users. Our company’s logo, the Palestinian sunbird, symbolizes freedom, while “byrd” represents the freedom we aim to provide, and “byte” stands for the byte of storage that our products deliver.After 18 prototypes, we finally achieved the perfect fit with our multi-patented invention, CASE X. This innovation magnetically attaches to the back of any MacBook Pro, providing up to 4TB of storage using Thunderbolt technology, which delivers high-speed data transfer rates. The magnetic connection not only adds a unique factor to the design but also ensures easy installation and removal. However, it’s not just about the product or the specifications themselves. Our focus was also on proving the viability of a completely sustainable tech product that’s luxurious and affordable.Throughout the development process, we carefully chose materials, finishes, and colors that reflect the values and morals of our brand. We were determined to create a zero-waste product, using only recycled and recyclable materials while ensuring that manufacturing itself didn’t have any toxic outputs. We are even collaborating with Alcantara, an Italian company that produces high-quality, sustainable materials, to incorporate a touch of premium feel to our products by using their fabrics.
As creators, we wanted to ensure that our product not only met but exceeded users’ expectations. We underwent the patenting process, solidifying our commitment to offering the CASE X for the next 20 years. Our innovation presents a cost-effective alternative to pricey upgrades through Apple, with the high-end version boasting speeds comparable to the MacBook’s internal SSDs. This solution offers users an affordable way to enhance their MacBook experience without compromising performance.

Looking back, we are humbled by the opportunity to create something that we believe can truly change the way people work and create. Given that we originate from Palestine, our commitment to innovation is deeply rooted in our background, and it does not stop with CASE X. We at Byrdbyte plan to expand our line of CASE X variations in the future, providing users with even more options and utilities. In addition, we are venturing into the realm of blockchain cloud storage and its integration with CASE X models.
To fund these exciting developments and fuel future growth, Byrdbyte is currently in an open round of investment. As we continue our journey, we are filled with anticipation for the future of our company and the impact our innovations will have on users around the world.To find out more, visit www.byrdbyte.com.


  • Kareem Kort is a civil and architectural engineer with a master’s degree from Bath University, UK, and a co-founder of Byrdbyte. For his thesis he developed innovative transparent membrane technology that makes rocks act like skin and fights degradation of the Church of Nativity building blocks. Kareem is a true problem-solving ninja, with a love for beautiful design and blockchain technology

  • Emil Kort, a Palestinian entrepreneur with a master’s degree in engineering from Exeter University, began his journey focusing on water conservation in Palestine through his thesis and is committed to exploring innovative, aesthetic, and sustainable solutions in both the tech and hydro sectors. He is now in the role of co-founder and creative director of Byrdbyte. Fueled by his passion for art and technology, Emil expertly leads multidisciplinary teams, guiding them to create remarkable products that marry form and function while highlighting the potential of Palestinian innovation.

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