Khalil Shokeh received a bachelor of arts degree in social science (history was not yet offered) from Bethlehem University, a master’s degree in academic administration from Southern Illinois University, and a diploma in management from Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne in England. He held numerous academic and administrative positions at Bethlehem University before being appointed director general of the first Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education and then director general of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Shokeh archived the relevant materials in the Bethlehem municipality in preparation for digitizing the archives. He has published several social historical books and articles, most notably The History of Bethlehem during the Ottoman Period, 1517–1917 (in Arabic, 2000), A Tour of Battir Village (in Arabic); A Tour of Beit Jala’s History (in Arabic and Spanish); Picturesque Bethlehem, Bethlehem: Origin and Development of Bethlehem Municipality, 1880–1967 (in Arabic and English); Bethlehem and Record 366, Palaces and Mansions in Bethlehem; and 115 Bethlehemite Personalities (in Arabic, 2020). Currently, he is the director of Dar al-Sabagh Diaspora Studies and Research Center.

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