Antoine Nesnas was born in 1935 to Dominic G. Nesnas and Hanneh A. Calis Nesnas. Schooled in the Old City of Jerusalem and with a GCE Certificate of Education from London University, he gained extensive experience in a wide range of fields, working initially as teacher and translator in Arabic, English, and French at various positions locally and abroad, including with the British Army in Cyprus and as translator/news editor at the Near East Arab Broadcasting Station, in Cyprus. He then worked at the travel agency that represented Kuwait Airways in Jerusalem and gained experience in the art of printing as an employee of Tewfic Habesch Commercial Press in Jerusalem. For 23 years he served as a senior employee at the American Consulate General, Jerusalem, receiving several awards from the consulate and from Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, before he retired in January 2000.

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