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Andersen in Palestine

An International Law and Investiments Firm in the Heart of Ramallah!

By Andersen in Palestine

Andersen in Palestine was established in Ramallah and became a member firm of Andersen Global in 2022, joining a vast network of member and collaborating firms around the world, comprising more than 2,000 professionals worldwide, over 600 global partners, and a presence in more than 160 countries. As Andersen in Palestine’s managing partner, Suhaib Sharif, comments, “This partnership allows us to broaden our service offerings and provide our clients with leading global talent that is not confined geographically – exposing and enhancing Palestine’s presence and benefiting from the huge global legal and financial expertise that is available and accessible to us.
”When joining Andersen Global, Mark Vorsatz, Andersen Global’s chairman and Andersen CEO, commented “After meeting with the team, it is evident they possess in-depth knowledge of the market and display a commitment to stewardship, independence and transparency. Collaborating with them puts us ahead of the curve and benefits our organization now and in the long term as it builds upon our growth strategy in the Middle East and positions us for the future.”
Andersen in Palestine is a corporate-oriented law and investment firm that aims to assist corporations, businesses, and individuals in achieving their desired level of growth and expansion. We play an active role as business enablers, and we endeavor to support our client’s strategic and operational needs by offering innovative, integrated, and reliable advice across a full range of legal and investment services.
We understand that each client’s needs and business challenges are unique. We consider our clients to be partners and thus tailor our services to meet their specific requirements, providing them with the highest quality services, absolute credibility and integrity, constant follow-up, total confidentiality, and commitment to their interests. We believe in mutual success and we act accordingly.
We provide customized legal, business, and investment services for corporations, SMEs and institutionalized businesses, entrepreneurial companies, startups and ventures, NGOs, international development organizations, embassies, official representatives and consulates, financial institutions, and official and semi-governmental bodies.
Andersen Palestine’s core team.

Our professionals specialize in various fields of law, including corporate, labor, investment, real estate, contracts, trade, arbitration, construction, finance, telecommunications, intellectual property, insolvency, tax, and medical malpractice. In addition, we offer a wide range of legal services such as litigation and dispute resolution, especially for family-owned businesses, debt collection, legal research, legal audits, legislative reform, legislative drafting, restructuring, corporate and individual due diligence, training, guides, and capacity building.
Our key goal is to play a pivotal role in Palestine’s economic growth, through participating in impact infrastructure investment projects that elevate Palestine’s economic and legal independence. We have a track record of executing impactful legislative reform projects, and currently assume the role of local expert in the newest project of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the development of new insolvency legislation for both businesses and consumers in the West Bank and Gaza.

Why choose Andersen in Palestine?
– We’re a global firm that adopts high standards and serves with international expertise.
– We’re a multidisciplinary and integrated firm that encompasses a specialized and qualified cooperative team.
– We’re an entrepreneurial and innovative firm that always has an eye for what is new and modern.
– Our team of qualified partners for success sees your success as our success.
– We are committed to being fair and considerate, since we value your rights and protect them.
– Our approach is transparent, ethical, and confidential, based on integrity and trust.Contact Info
Address: Ramallah, Palestine, Istanbul Bldg., Al-Balou St., 6th floor
Email: info@ps.Andersen.com
Telephone: (+970) 2 242 7555
Website: www.ps.andersen.com

  • Address: Ramallah, Palestine, Istanbul Bldg., Al-Balou St., 6th floor Email: info@ps.Andersen.com Telephone: (+970) 2 242 7555 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/andersen-in-palestine Website: www.ps.andersen.com

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