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A Gateway for Modern and Secure Investment

By Palestine Exchange

For more than 27 years, the Palestine Exchange (PEX) has been a comprehensive investment platform in terms of its operational and legal environment. It comprises a distinguished group of companies distributed across various sectors and provides easy entry and exit for investors’ trades. PEX serves as an investment gateway with more than 70,000 shareholders that include both local and foreign investors, with 64 percent and 36 percent ownership, respectively.
PEX is actively pursuing its current and future plans to expand its financial instruments as well as identify new instruments to meet investors’ financial perspectives.

PEX is a modern financial market committed to best practices in investor relations and prudent governance. It upholds transparency, legislation, regulations, information security, and management principles.

Investing in the shares of PEX’s listed companies yields rewarding returns for investors through share-trading or earning dividends through listed companies. The table in the next page shows the profits made by each sector and the dividends distributed to the shareholders.

The PEX plan to attract more publicly traded companies will expand the market base and thus increase the market size and offer more choices to investors. This effort targets private and family-owned companies based on a future vision that aims to provide these companies with sustainability and growth within the market. It also seeks to create opportunities for them to attract new investors and separate ownership from company management. This separation empowers the companies to enhance their operations and services, ensuring their future expansion.

The benefits that PEX members can expect include the following:
1. The ability to obtain necessary funding
2. Enhanced company image and status
3. Fair valuation
4. Increased credibility and transparency
5. Liquidity for shareholders
6. Reinforced sustainability
7. Opportunities for merger operations
8. Ease of market-position comparison with peers

PEX aims to broaden its focus to encompass a broader geographical scope, including the southern regions and Palestinian territories, the Gaza Strip, and the ’48 areas. It strives to attract a younger demographic to engage in the stock market investment experience and to provide education on saving and investing in securities. PEX has also been developing modern trading tools and applications, enabling investors, especially young adults, to trade easily, using PCs and smartphones, anywhere, anytime. In addition, PEX aims to empower and support the presence of women in its investor base, which currently constitutes over 42 percent of the investor base, with a value nearing half a billion dollars.

PEX seeks to stimulate the creation of an investment fund tailored to companies with consistently high returns, targeting a more reserved investor niche that looks toward low-risk instruments.

Furthermore, PEX is working towards facilitating the entry of more companies by establishing a parallel market for unlisted companies, mainly private and family-owned. This initiative encourages them to join the market, experience its benefits, and eventually transition into publicly traded companies listed on the primary market. PEX also focuses on promoting the issuance and listing of bonds and sukuk as an additional source of financing for listed companies.

PEX is not only a viable option for local and foreign investors with a modern investment approach but also a choice for individuals who seek savings with attractive returns. It is a promising opportunity for the expansion and sustainability of Palestinian businesses.

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