TWiP has asked me to update my alternative version of Julie Andrews’ famous song “Show Me.” Although I wrote those lyrics in April 2013, we still hear words that get us nowhere, and justice and peace are as elusive as ever. The situation is getting worse by the day, but we are still here, and our sumud (steadfastness) helps us to believe that justice and peace will eventually prevail.

Netanyahu threatening
And Abbas not condescending
The powerful dictating
While the weak refusing
Is that all you blighters can do?
Might making matters right
Cannot forever last
While words without action
Cannot liberate the land
And words without a strategy
Seem like words of flattery
Don’t waste more lives
With drones and knives
Peace and security cannot function
Without the justice element in action
I feel like screaming when nothing is working
Not even Fateh and Hamas reconciling
With Trump’s deal of the century
A united front is absolutely necessary
Moving the American embassy was the overture
For solving the century-old problem by an amateur
No more words can I take
The UN created the problem and must find the solution
Without the American veto there’ll be no confusion

Samia Khoury is a retired community volunteer who devotes most of her time to writing reflections on the current situation. Her book Reflections from Palestine: A Journey of Hope, published by Rimal in 2013, is also the title of her blog: reflectionsfrompalestine.blogspot.com.