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Ala Kheir – It Will Be All Right

Review date: 01-06-2019

Out of Gaza under siege comes a new music video from the band Revolution Makers, in which singer Mohammed Elsusi and rapper Osama Elsusi have joined forces to compose and produce an uplifting song that is set against a backdrop of heartrending imagery.
Mohammed Elsusi describes their intention: “Our song mainly talks about the Palestinian issue and the struggle that Palestinians have had to cope with for many decades. With this song, we want to raise awareness of Palestinian suffering, the hardships our people have endured, and the misery in which they live. But our song also describes how Palestinians insist on surviving, continuing to live their lives, and holding on to their Palestinian identity despite all the daily obstacles that they face. This song has an optimistic outlook; it motivates everyone to strive for and build a better future by improving themselves in order to better serve their country.”


The following are excerpts from the song:

مع اول نفس بنخلق الهم بنولد
With life’s first cry, hardship is born
روحك شايفها العالم لازم تنجلد
The world believes that your soul needs to be tortured
مقموع اسير مغترب لاجىء بحلم بالبلد
Oppressed, alienated, a refugee dreaming about my town.
بتنفس حرية مش خاضع يكون عبد
But freedom is our breath and will not be suppressed
و التحدي كيف ممكن يعيش بنبض
And the challenge is to stay alive,
بحب الحياة بفرح وسط كل هالخبط
I love life and I’m happy amidst this pounding
بغني الأمل رغم حصار هدفه ينتكب
I sing of hope despite the siege that’s aiming to destroy us.
طموح اتربى عمقاومة القهر
We’ve grown to be ambitious and resist injustice
My ambition is to grow up resisting injustice

Composers: Mohammed Elsusi and Mohammed Khira
Singer: Mohammed Khira
Rapper: Mohammed Elsusi
The song is available at: