Readers’ Opinions 2

The second question we asked our readers is about their diet. TWiP’s team is pleased to know that most of you eat relatively healthy food! Special thanks to Bo Schack, previous head of UNRWA in Gaza, for his honest, yet sad response. He wrote “My health improved when I left Gaza.”

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how healthy is your diet?
(1 = not at all healthy; 10 = very healthy).

I’d say 8, I took 2 out for the sugar that is there.
Hani Mourad, Bethlehem

Mkhaimar Abusada, Gaza

7 to 8. We buy many fresh organic vegetables and don’t consume sugar or much salt.
Martin Ohlen, Germany

My diet is very healthy but I drink too much wine!
Mary Higgins, USA

Ayman Safi, Ramallah

Daoud Kuttab, Jerusalem, Amman

A healthy diet is a priority. I eat a lot of vegetables, some fruits, very little meat, small amounts of bread, and no fried food. Eggs and fish are necessary on many days of the week! Also, no to flour if I can resist manakeesh! Yes to lemon, tea, and coffee.
I can’t rate my health since it changes according to the weather.
Liana Badr, Ramallah

7 mainly because of the sugar aspect! I’m vegetarian and make sure I have my five portions of fresh fruit or vegetables a day.
Yara Sharif, Ramallah/London

8 to 9. My diet is mainly based on vegetables and beans. Very little meat and fatty chicken.
Adnan Abdelrazek, Jerusalem

7 to 8.
Randa Farah, Canada

Lana Bandak, Jerusalem

Majdi Habash, Ramallah

4. It’s the fatty foods.
Athar Joseph, Hebron/Chicago

8 to 9, judging that I do not take any supplements.
Antoine Raffoul, Italy

Toine van Teeffelen, Bethlehem/Holland

8. I have a healthy diet, I avoid fat, take little meat, few carbohydrates, a moderate amount of alcohol (which I think is good for one’s health), and plenty of fruits and vegetables.
Antoine Nesnas, Jerusalem

8. I eat a lot of vegetables and very little red meat, but where I fail is that I drink wine and/or Scotch almost every day.
Paul Parker, Chicago

Mahmoud Khweis, Jerusalem

6. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, the not-so-high mark is because of the red meat and the sweets that I love to eat.
Simon Kouba, Jerusalem

8. I can never say no to pizza or milk chocolate.
George Khoury, Jerusalem

7. I eat good fresh food and drink lots of water. In addition, I try to avoid carbs as much as I can.
Doha Al-Wazany, Nablus

7. It’s healthy most of the time with the occasional sneaking in of treats or traditional foods, pies, pastries, and sweets. There are a lot of tempting, carb-rich and fatty treats in Palestine :).
Fida Jiryis, Fassouta, the Galilee

5. I struggle to have a healthy diet even though I know a good diet from a bad one. Stress tends to overwhelm my diet habits.
Rajiah Abu Sway, Jerusalem

10. I don’t think calling it healthy is accurate. I am healthy because I eat nourishing foods. Our idea of what health is, is very backwards. Michael Pollan says you are what the food you eat eats. How nourishing can an egg be that is the result of a malnourished chicken that eats high-protein pellets? It is not a healthy chicken, so if you think you eat “healthy” by consuming a commercial chicken, you are mistaken. People who take their health seriously need to advocate for changes to our food system.
Morgan Cooper, Ramallah

9. I am lucky since I’m not a person who craves sweets and chocolate, and I have never been into cheese and full-of-fat foods. I went vegan one year ago for ethical reasons, and this has also helped me to stay healthy.
Ahlam Tarayra, Hebron

8. The reason it is not higher is that it’s difficult to find organic items. Unfortunately, most of the items available in the market are genetically modified.
Yahya Al-Salqan, Al-Bireh

Nader Dagher, Ramallah

David Dahdal, Jerusalem

8. I pay attention to what I eat, but like everyone, I occasionally indulge in salty or sweet treats. What I am vigilant about is reducing my consumption of red meat. I eat mostly chicken, turkey, and fish.
Mona Halaby, USA

Wasef Daher, Jerusalem

8. It would be higher if I didn’t eat so many sweets.
Rami Meo, Sydney

8 to 9.
Ibtisam Husary, Ramallah

7. My health has improved since I left Gaza.
Bo Schack,
previous head of UNRWA in Gaza

8. A healthy diet positively affects my productivity and mental health, and so I try to be vigilant always and almost intuitively.
Bisan Samamreh, Hebron

Ramzi Sansur, Ramallah

8. Thanks to my wife who is particular in following up on healthy foods.
William Alonzo, Jerusalem

5. Because of my health condition, I have to eat non-fiber food. I am also not able to eat fresh vegetables or fruits, and no fat of course!
Terry Bullata, Jerusalem

10. My diet is the best. But committing to it is a totally different story. Thankfully you did not ask about that.
Sam Bahour