Palestine to Host Arab Statisticians

The Union of Arab Statisticians wishes to extend its congratulations and best wishes to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) on the occasion of its achieving first place among the Arab statistical bureaus for its scientific approach to the development of statistical activity in our beloved Palestine. We likewise would like to express our pride in This Week in Palestine whose November issue is sponsored by PCBS.


Since the establishment of PCBS, and despite the difficulties and obstacles it faces due to the occupation, it has drafted and carried out a great number of statistical surveys related to Palestine’s population, industry, and agriculture, and has published monthly statistics on the development of the various sectors in Palestine. In recognition of these distinguished achievements, the bureau won first place in the 2018 Arab Statistical Excellence accreditation in which a number of diverse Arab statistical bureaus participated.
In support of its sisters and brothers in Palestine and to honor the achievement and prominent role of PCBS, the board of directors of the Arab Union of Statisticians – an organization whose headquarters is based in Amman in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan − has decided to hold the union’s 7th International Scientific Conference in Palestine. The conference is set to bring together a large number of Arab statistical organizations.
The seventh conference will be a qualitative conference to present and discuss scientific research and hold symposia in which Arab and foreign scholars and academics will participate to highlight developments in the application of modern statistical methods. Special focus will be placed on the activation of statistical studies in the Arab world and on the role of statistics in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Presentations will center on the role and contributions of statistics, technology, and digital society in the development of strategic goals for the advancement, revival, and regeneration of Arab society.

To honor the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, which has been awarded first place among the Arab statistical bureaus, the board of directors of the Union of Arab Statisticians has decided to hold the 7th International Scientific Conference of the Union of Arab Statisticians in 2020 in Palestine.

The conference will also produce recommendations on how to activate Arab statistical cooperation in all sectors; it will serve as a platform to facilitate the exchange of statistical expertise and aim to establish a database for all Arab countries in order to develop statistical work, disseminate knowledge, and facilitate the continuing interchange of expertise and practices for the benefit of all.
Finally, we reiterate our admiration for This Week in Palestine and our pride in and appreciation for the PCBS, led by Dr. Ola Awad, who is widely recognized for her significant role in the development of the Palestinian statistical system, which is considered one of the best in the Arab world.


Caricatures by Mohammad Saba’neh.

Ghazy Rahho is the secretary general of the Union of Arab Statisticians.