Message from the Editor

Today’s world is shaped by information technology, and the communication sector offers an important opportunity for business endeavors and economic development. But is communication really just that? Apart from the technology, effective communication is the heart and soul of our human interactions. We pass on knowledge, transmit feelings, and build connections – and communication is among the greatest sources of both misunderstandings and reconciliation. In politics, especially in Palestine, it is a main tool to shape opinions and influence action, a most effective manipulator because, unfortunately, both information and misinformation is communicated in an increasingly unchecked manner. But the strongest voice is not necessarily the most truthful. For this reason, This Week in Palestine’s self-imposed mission is to publish information about Palestinian issues and concerns. And while we do not shy away from contentious topics, we aim to bring out the best of Palestine in an environment where such aims may not always be a priority.
Thanks go to PALTEL GROUP for its generous contribution to making possible the publication of this issue.
TWiP extends its gratitude to this month’s authors: H.E. Dr. Allam Mousa, minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology; Paltel Group; Dr. Safaa Nassereldin, Vice President for Jerusalem Affairs at Al-Quds University and former minister of telecom and IT; Nour Odeh, media professional, communications consultant; Wassim Abdullah, ICT consultant; Dr. Mashhour Abudaka, former minister of transport and of telecom and IT; Jamil Dababat, national and international award-winning author and journalist; and Anan Abu Rmeileh, communications, marketing, PR, and business expert; Salem Barahmeh, executive director of the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy; and last but not least, Noora Tijani, freelance communications professional. Our personality of the month is Nour Odeh, artist of the month is Rana Bishara, and the newly published Palestine and Rule of Power, edited by Alaa Tartir and Timothy Seidel, is book of the month. We would like to invite you to our two featured exhibitions, Zalameh by Mahdi Baraghithi, and a group exhibition of portraits by contemporary artists titled The Intellectual Martyrs of the Palestinian Revolution. “What’s in Bloom” and “Reducing Waste” are TWiP’s new additions; Where to Go leads you to Taybeh village, and in TWiP Kitchen, Mirna Bamieh presents the last Family Dinner served by the Palestine Hosting Society. Enjoy the listed events.
Happy Valentine’s Day from the entire team at TWiP.