Message from the Editor

Do you tend to start a new year with resolutions? I am doing it for the first time (honestly!), and with high hopes − because it simply makes no sense to embark on them in any other way. But in thinking about personal goals, I pondered the larger ones. And among them is the question: What would it take to make this year, finally, the year when some form of justice for Palestine and Palestinians is achieved?
TWiP’s editorial team was curious about which themes our authors would propose when they learned about the free-themed issue, and it turns out that Jerusalem and Gaza and their people are foremost in their minds. In addition, authors were inspired to write about resilience through sport, health, empty promises, and Palestinian philanthropy, as well as winter traditions and food – not necessarily in this order. You might be smiling now or have raised a regretful eyebrow − eating delicious food is, after all, a favorite winter activity, especially during the holidays. But let’s remember that the ones who consider food a primary concern are less likely to submit an article to TWiP. As support programs are closing down and jobs and food aid are being cut, philanthropy will become increasingly important in Palestine. As will a just solution that allows Palestinians the freedom of movement to conduct trade as they wish and build up productive sectors that decrease the dependency on foreign monies and aid. Let us hope for and take action towards positive solutions wherever we can!
Thanks go to our authors Dr. Harry Hagopian, Dr. Ali Qleibo, Simon Azzazian, Louise Brown, Walid Nammour, Dr. Bernard Sabella, Ahmed Masoud, Dr. Akram Ijla, Dr. Najwa Abdulhaq, Samia Khoury, and Federica Marri. Our personality of the month is radio host Rawan Asaad, our artist of the month, Safaa Khateeb. Looking for something to read? You might enjoy Love and Loss, a collection of poems from the Gaza Poets Society, or Kumi Now: An Inclusive Call for Nonviolent Action to Achieve a Just Peace put out by Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center. In our exhibition of the month, the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy presents works by amateur photographers from all over Palestine in a new exhibition space in Ramallah; Where to Go leads you to hidden treasures in the Hebron area, and in TWiP Kitchen, the Palestine Hosting Society presents a dinner titled “From My Mother’s Pantry,” put together by Suzanne Matar. Enjoy the events offered in January.
The entire team of TWiP wishes a Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating this month, and a happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful New Year to all of you.

Sincerely, Tina Basem