Muntaser was born and raised in Jerusalem. As a young child, he spent his free time in extracurricular activities in local clubs, which laid the foundation for his remarkable work with children.

Muntaser received a bachelor’s degree from Birzeit University in political science, with a minor in journalism. After graduating, he worked in sports journalism and continued his education in sports management, attaining a certificate from FIFA and CIES. Afterwards, he completed a master’s degree in Jerusalem studies from Al-Quds University. This has helped him a great deal in his work.

During the past six years, Muntaser has worked with many organizations, creating programs for children, youth, and women that focus on the Old City. He is proud to be the executive manager at Burj al-LuqLuq Social Center Society in the Bab Hutta neighborhood of the Old City. Since starting to work at the center, he and his staff have been able to renovate the grounds, including the basketball court, the football field, and more. He strongly believes in keeping Jerusalem alive by continually offering activities at the center that would attract Jerusalemites from within and outside the Old City in order to increase awareness, foster a greater sense of community, and help vitalize the economy. The center has already begun to flourish as its members participate in a variety of activities.

Muntaser hopes to be a positive guide for the younger generation in order to encourage them to embrace their Palestinian identity and to seek ways to improve Palestinian society.

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