February 2017
East Jerusalem (02)

“Free Fall”

East Jerusalem (02)

“Free Fall” by the ar tist Bashir Qonqar. Al Ma’mal Foundation for
Contemporary Art, New Gate, Old City.

“Jerusalem’s Life”

East Jerusalem (02)

An exhibition entitled “Jerusalem’s Life” by three Jerusalemite
women: Nisreen Matuly, Aseel Jamal, and Hibam Siam who highlight the talents of the women of this ancient city to prove that women are
capable of making change and giving life to this city. Al-Hamra Palace, Salah Al-Din Street

Where Would I Find Like You, Ali?

East Jerusalem (02)

Where Would I Find Like You, Ali? The play monologue is written and acted by Raida Taha and directed by Lina Abyad. The Palestinian National Theatre – Al Hakawati.