November 2017
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The 8th Women’s Microenterprise Bazaar 2017

East Jerusalem (02)

The 8th Women’s Microenterprise Bazaar 2017 is organized by the US Consulate General to support Palestinian women who will display their products and handicrafts from Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza. Ambassador Hotel, 5 Nablus Road, Sheikh Jarrah.

Social Olive

Ramallah & Al-Bireh (02)

Social Olive Harvest at Juthour is the fourth olive harvest festival that invites participants to reconnect to the deep-rooted Palestinian tradition and learn about picking and pressing olives. The festival aims to encourage greater individual and communal responsibility towards our threatened natural environment and heritage in Palestine. Mashjar Juthor, Thahr al Oghda.

Moon under the Sea

Jericho (02)

Moon under the Sea is a 10-km running race, a 5-km family race, and a 21-
km bike race and car rally organized by the Palestine Marathon. Starting and ending point is the City of Hope for Youth and Sports.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Ramallah & Al-Bireh (02)

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is an inspiring initiative founded by Wendy Diamond that empowers, celebrates, and supports women in business worldwide to alleviate poverty. International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated on November 19 to observe and discuss the work of women entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit the event’s Facebook page at www.

Launching the Bethlehem Christmas Message

Bethlehem (02)

Launching the Bethlehem Christmas Message by the Mayor of Bethlehem, Adv. Anton Salman. Vienna Hall, Bethlehem Municipality.

The Boom Box Festival

Ramallah & Al-Bireh (02)

The Boom Box Festival is a Palestinian Hip Hop Festival held as one of the
Pam Fest and DJam projects in Palestine and Jordan to support this type of youth music and market Palestinian talent worldwide. The festival will offer musical performances, food, and beverages in a unique and distinctive positive atmosphere. Grand Park Hotel.

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