March 2017
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Bethlehem (02)

“The Background and Resulting Impact of the Balfour Declaration” will be presented by Mary Grey as part of the 10th International Sabeel Conference on the theological underpinnings of the Balfour Declaration; Peter Shambrook will speak about the historical and political context of the declaration, and Leslie Orr on the practical steps necessary to address Balfour’s legacy today. Bethlehem Hotel. 17:30 “The Balfour Declaration,” presented by Xavier Abu Eid as part of the 10th International Sabeel Conference, deals with the possibilities of political action by the PLO/PA; Nour Odeh will discuss possibilities of political action through civil society. Bethlehem Hotel.

Islamic Extremism

Bethlehem (02)

“Islamic Extremism,” presented by Mustafa Abu Sway as part of the 10th International Sabeel Conference, will discuss Islam in Palestinian society and concerns of local Muslims today; Ghada Karmi will speak about the role of religion, particularly Islam, in the Palestine struggle for independence; and Patriarch Michel Sabbah will address the concerns of Palestinian Christians in this context. Bethlehem Hotel.