November 2017
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Ramallah Poetry Festival

Ramallah & Al-Bireh (02)

Ramallah Poetry Festival: From Mediterranean to Mediterranean is an
annual international festival organized by the Association Libre Culture, Mahmoud Darwish Foundation, and Ramallah Municipality,
celebrating poetry by offering a ground for cultural meetings and exchanges through hosting poets from Mediterranean countries who will be reading their poems with the support of an Arabic version for non-Arabic poems. Ramallah City Hall, Yasser Arafat Square, San Fernando Garden, Ottoman Court, Mandela Square, and Mahmoud Darwish Museum. For more information, please contact

Al-Kamandjati concert

Ramallah & Al-Bireh (02)

Al-Kamandjati concert in solidarity with Palestine AJPF, a French association that fosters the twinning of Palestinian refugee camps with French cities. Kobar Village, Ramallah.

Al-Kamandjati’s Christmas Concert

Bethlehem (02)

Al-Kamandjati’s Christmas Concert will be recorded to be broadcast later on German ZDF TV. Saint Catherine Church.

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