Editor Message | 230


On this rather somber occasion, This Week in Palestine is proud to present our highest-profile issue so far, even though it marks an anniversary that warrants the celebration of very little – other than possibly the steadfastness of the Palestinian people. Framed by an introduction by PLO Secretary General Dr. Saeb Erekat, an eloquent recollection on the Palestine Liberation Organization’s aims and role in the struggle for a nation by Majed Bamya, director of the International Treaties Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a vibrant outline of the Palestinian vision for a peaceful future by H.E. President Mahmoud Abbas, this issue illuminates how we reached this point in time and what the situation is on the ground. Authors detail both the measures and methods applied by the Israeli occupation and the responses, resistance, and steadfastness shown by the Palestinian people and institutions.

Our sincere thanks go to the sponsor of this issue, the Negotiations Affairs Department, and to its contributing authors. Thanks go also to Marya Farah and Aseil Abu-Baker, Dr. Salim Tamari, Advocate Sahar Francis, Walid Salem, Dr. Jad Isaac, Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Dr. Rafiq Al-Husseini, Dr. Issam Nassar, Nur Arafeh, Dr. Khuloud Khayyat-Dajani, Dr. Ahmed El-Atrash and Anjad Hithnawi, Samia Khoury, and Mohammad Allan for their insightful articles that shed light on the struggles and achievements of the Palestinian people throughout 50 years of occupation. And thanks go to our liaison, the support team at the Negotiations Affairs Department, who collected the testimonies that you will find interspersed among the articles. Here, Palestinians from throughout historical Palestine and abroad express in a few words how 50 years of occupation have affected their lives. Connecting the pages of this issue is a litany of acknowledgements that TWiP, on behalf of the Palestinian people, would like to offer as an expression of appreciation and gratitude to international personalities who have stood by Palestine and Palestinians. A word of appreciation goes to Hasheemah Afaneh who collected the information on the personalities proposed by TWiP in consultation with our sponsor, and our sincere apologies go to the many persons who deserve recognition and whom we would have liked to include in this issue but could not.

Relieved that the hunger strike of well over a thousand Palestinian prisoners has finally come to an end after forty days, and hoping that the demands of basic rights as supported by international law, voiced under the predominant silence of the international community, will be wholly fulfilled, TWiP and its entire team wish a blessed holy month of Ramadan to Muslims and a good summer to all of you.

Tina Basem