Editor Message | 228


This issue is a rich and overflowing collection of personalities of the month, and we are most proud to present a sampling of the many Palestinians who are making a positive impact on their surroundings, Palestine, the world! From internationally renowned artists to doctors who save lives, influential leaders, successful businesspersons, daring athletes, world-class comedians, Oscar-nominated filmmakers, acclaimed musicians, prize-winning authors, poets, and journalists, activists who change lives, patent-holding particle physicists  – we have all this and more.

The list is too long to go into further details here; simply dive into this issue, immerse yourself, and be impressed, proud, inspired!

Our sincere Thank You goes to the many people who suggested and submitted biographies. Easily, we could have filled three issues – space is our only limiting factor. Which brings me to a concern I would like to share and bring to your attention: TWiP has recently opened registration for online subscriptions and we would like to encourage you to spread the word. A university library is subscribing and is also interested in our archive that spans 18 years of monthly issues with not a single issue missed, even when TWiP’s computers had been confiscated and its offices raided, when there were curfews and violence on the streets surrounding the office. This Week in Palestine reflects Palestinian endurance and commitment to being a people of culture, thought, and reflection, with concern for the environment and social issues. And we are doing all this with you – our readers, authors, and supporters – our main resource.  This has been a beautiful, rewarding journey and we are enthusiastic to continue – but we need your support.

From our entire team at TWiP, we wish you a good start to spring, and Happy Easter to all who are celebrating.


Warmly, Tina Basem

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