Editor Message | 226


This issue deals with the internal aspects of justice in Palestine. The title is ambiguous on purpose: “state” implies both the status of justice in Palestine as well as the recognized political entity that Palestinians aspire to, and both themes are taken up by our contributing authors. The occupation and related issues are only of secondary importance here – even though in many cases, they exert substantial impact. We deemed it important to highlight Palestinian successes in the field of justice, take a closer look at the factors that we can influence, and determine where we can change our situation for the better, even under difficult external circumstances. The result is an issue that we are happy and proud to publish.

Thanks to our distinguished authors who include Special Representative of the Administrator at UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People Roberto Valent; founder and former director of the Institute of Law at Birzeit University Dr. Ghassan Faramand; research fellow Ata Hindi; head of the Development Cooperation at the Swedish Consulate General in Jerusalem Johan Schaar; executive director of The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession (Musawa) Ibrahim Barghouthi; lawyer and legal adviser to the Palestinian Authority Diana Buttu; legal adviser and human rights activist Karem Nashwan; executive director of B’Tselem Hagai El-Ad; country representative of Terre des hommes Foundation, Joseph Aguettant; lawyer and general manager of the Palestine Maintenance Fund Fatmeh Muaqqat; Major Wafaa Al-Hussein; deputy chairman of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution Iyad Abu Hjayer; lawyer Hana Aslan; researcher at the Independent Commission for Human Rights in Gaza Mustafa Ibrahim; and lawyer Ayah Al-Wakeel. Our personality of the month is a passionate advocate of gender inclusion and a colonel in the Palestinian police force. In addition, we present two books of the month, an exhibition, some inspiration to visit Hebron, and an interesting selection of cultural activities in our events section.

Our sincere thanks go to the substantive supporting contributions of Dania Darwish, UNDP Communications Specialist and the staff of the Sawasya UNDP/UN Women Joint Programme: Marisa Consolata Kemper, Joint Programme Manager; Cindy Thai Thien Nghia, Communications Specialist; Stacy Weld-Blundell, Technical Specialist; Wafaa Al Kafarneh, Programme Analyst Gaza; Alice Yousef, Legal Translator; Bisan Mousa, Women’s Security Analyst; Ana Lukatela, Protection Specialist; Ahmad Shurafa, Anti-Corruption Coordinator; Ayah Abu Basheer, CSO Coordinator Gaza; Athar Zaghal, Finance Associate; Jihad Shomali, Justice Analyst; Julie Samara, Programme Assistant; and Mamoun Attili, CSO Coordinator.

Best wishes from all of us at TWiP.

Sincerely, Tina Basem