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Message From the editor

This month we commemorate 70 years of Al-Nakba as we remember the expulsion of 700,000 Palestinians from their homes and homeland, and highlight the ongoing repercussions. We also raise our voices to decry the continuing measures that prevent Palestinians from enjoying peace and prosperity in a Palestinian state. The term Nakba, catastrophe, was first employed […] more

The Last Word

A Gnawing Issue Last week, I shared possibly the most humane 40-second video I’ve ever seen on Facebook. It was about Haj Abu Farouq Shehada, who is currently 90 years old, meeting his sister Rasmia after 70 years of forced separation. Post 1948, Shehada remained in occupied Palestine while his sister ended up in a […] more
In the Limelight

The following directory is a highlight of some of the most active cultural centers, hotels, restaurants, and other institutions in Palestine.